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Answer Q (1): Through my reading of the case where I understand thatIsabelle was researching the administrators and how to deal with the pressureof the administrators, where her research was concerned with the managers andbecame increasingly aware of the different ways of research where she used thequalitative method and make critical decisions of scientific importance

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To analyse thephysical changes in the 75mg dispersible aspirin tablets three tests wereperformed to ensure the batch of tablets were appropriate for the patientsbased on the British Pharmacopeia.  The first test performed was the weightuniformity test which ensures the batch of tablets is of similar weight whichwould reduce the risk of the inconsistency of dosage units

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•       ChristopherW. Reb, reviewed 6879 patients suffering from the inflammation of thetendon of tibialis posterior,Planter fasciitis and sometimes both.The ratio oftibialis anterior tendinitis was 1 in 11 patients of planter fasciitis.theythen compared the patients age, gender and their index of Body mass. Bycomparing them they found out that there were no statistical difference in thepatients

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1.    MetodeMetodemerupakan langkah awal kegiatan yang kita lakukan untuk menjadi seorangentrepreneur untuk menemukan sebuah ide atau gagasan agar terlaksananya bisnisyang akan kita lakukan. menurutJeffry Timmons dalam buku CreativeManager Entrepreneur terdapat langkah-langkah untuk menemukannya, yakni:1.    adalahmembuat daftar ide usaha.2.   adalahbelajar dari pengalaman kewirausahaan sukses sebagai bahan pertimbangan  atau masukan untuk langkah-langkahkedepannya.3.   adalahmemilih tiga ide usaha. Untuk memilih tiga

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·       Introduction: Shaft is an element that using in machines to transmitpower from one element to another and when we need to choose a material for anyshaft we must take into considerations that the shaft should have the followingproperties: high strength, good machinability, low notch sensitivity factor,good heat treatment properties and high wear resistant properties.generally, shafts

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There are many effects of bullying. Harassment is what happens to another teen or adult if being abused physically or mentally. Students are most vulnerable in which their education and status is at risk because of this torment. Other people do hectoring to feel better about themselves. There are many effects of bullying such as

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 BAB IPENDAHULUANDalam babini dipaparkan subbab (1) latar belakang, (2) tujuan, (3) manfaat . Ketiga subbab tersebut dijabarkan sebagai berikut. 1.1 LatarBelakangPerkembanganteknologi di era globalisasi sangatlah pesat, sehingga penggunaan SDA dan SDMjuga semakin tinggi dan membuat ketidakseimbangan antara SDA, dan SDM dalam tatananmasyarakat global. Nyatanya semakin banyak Sumber Daya Manusia yang berkembangterlalu pesat sehingga membuat penggunaan SDM hanya

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Reflectivity in materials architectural VisualisationAbstract 200-250In this paper theauthor will investigate Reflectivity in Architectural Visualisation. The authorwill be focussing on implementing the findings into a 3D environment withinAutodesk Maya. The structure of this paper will consist of two main parts; aqualitative and quantitative study. The qualitative element will be createdfrom information gathered from the literature

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Properties of satellite images Remote sensing includes the set of sensors anddata processing procedures that are deployed to develop information concerningdifferent properties of the Earths’ surface (i. e. the land, atmosphere, andoceans) which can be achieved with no direct physical contact. Information isobtained from capturing the reflected waves from the earth surface, and itsdifference as

Customer requirement. (Ross, 2014) Talks about the importance

Customer feedbacks are most valuable to any business. We provide ourservices to the customers and it’s important for us to know whether they arehappy or not with the services they received. Any business who promptly asks for customer feedbacks and properlyhandles them, definitely earns the customer’s trust. According to (Chron, n.d.), the customer’sfeedback gathered from surveys


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