One of the most challenging obligations of any enterprise is the ability to manage change and globalization. Globalization and rapid change in the business world lead to competition hence each enterprise works hard to overcome the two since customers will now emphasize on quality and honesty (Bacal 1). Since this has been a difficult task to be handled by an individual most organizations have resulted to team work that coordinate to make sure that the organizational objectives are achieved at the same time overcoming the rapidly changing environment. Teams work by improving on quality, productivity and organizational performance, hence team building is the process of arranging people with related or common skills together so that they can work together to achieve the set goals of the enterprise.

The need of team building

Teams in organizations are developed because of different reasons of which the most important reason is that of improving output and achieving goals of the organization. Teams may be built to resolve issues and challenges that may have risen up in the organization and cannot be resolved by an individual alone. Other reasons that may need team work may be in cases where there are constant conflicts, complaints, grievances and hostility between members.

This creates the need for team building so as to teach the employees how to relate with each other in the work environment.

The process of team building

In most organizations the work of developing teams is accorded to the Human Resource manager since this the person who works closely with the personnel in the company. It is only in very few instances that the top management comes in to form teams and in most cases this happens if the issue at hand to be solved is very delicate and important to the survival of the organization (Heathfield 1). The process of team building is not as easy as it may seem since there are factors to be considered if the goals of developing the team are to be achieved. One should consider if the team members are able to prioritize the tasks allocated to them. Factors like if the skills required to complete a certain task are available within the members of the team is also important since this determines the final outcome of the teamwork.

Therefore the stages involved in team building will include first elucidating the goals and objectives then identification of any obstructers before putting in place assistants to enable them work and lastly monitoring and measuring the progress to make sure the objectives are met.

Team building Issues

Any problems or indifferences that may arise among members of a team may have negative impacts on the specific individuals and hence the whole team. It is therefore advised that any problems are solved as early as possible before the impact is felt. Some of the team building issues that must be considered include; unity, communication, interdependence, goal specification and the role of each member of the team (Heathfield 1). Unity is as a result of the cohesiveness between members in the way they interact and share their skills and abilities to better the performance.

The members must have the same goal specification hence some sessions during the team building consist of clarification of the goals and objectives to be achieved.

Team building solutions

The solutions to be made so as to achieve goals of a team are to majorly avoid the common blunders people make during team building. Most organizations may decide to form teams without having a model. Lack of a model for the team leads to ineffective functioning since the team members will lack vision and goals to achieve.

In this case every organization must have a model which will be geared towards achieving its objectives. Lack of leadership is another problem that should be put into consideration since some organizations form teams and forget to assign the responsibility to the leader. The team’s leader is known to be the most influential person in the whole team since this the person who has been delegated the duty of organizing the team.


Team building is recommended for most organizational duties and functions because of the many benefits it has to the organization. This is because increase in the input will eventually lead to fast making of quality decisions and ideas hence the output generated will be of high quality(Bacal 1). There will be very high chances of creation of new ideas as information will be freely shared among the members of the team. The organization will also have a chance to compensate weaknesses of an individual within a team. Team work provides security to the organization as well assisting the individuals to develop interpersonal relationships hence team building is recommended for its mutual benefits.


Effective teams lead to the success of the organization as the goals and objectives will be achieved. Hence the right leader for the team should be appointed who will guide the team through the whole process. The leader makes sure that as much output is obtained from every member of the team. The management of any organization should be in a position to monitor the team’s activities and progress through the team leader. This is important as it ensures only the right things are done and any deviation is noticed early before critical damage occurs.

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