Teacher I ASPIRE TO BE “One hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank accountwas, the sort of house I lived in or the kind of car I drove. But the world maybe different because I was important in the life of a child”.

– Forest.E.Witcraft A teacher is an artist he begins with blank canvas and ends with amasterpiece. A person having an innate quality of teaching has the ability torecognise that every individual is different.

Many qualities make a greatteacher. In my essay, i will discuss the qualities i would aspire to have in meto become an idea teacher. A teacher everyday helps to mould and shape students’ lives in some way.He/she is constantly helping to broaden their mind, so that they can think innew ways. This is a positive reinforcement in teaching profession to know thatyou are helping others constantly.

Teachers are known to be nation builders.They influence young students greatly by their personality and character. Theyenhance the lives of young children by using their teaching methods to delivervaluable information which is purposeful. A teacher has the ability to helpthem learn the skills and ways of thinking that will be required when they areout there in the society.

These early lessons learned at school will have aneffect on student’s interaction with others in society when he grows up. Iaspire to be a teacher who has positivity in terms of building strong andpositive relationships with the students and has a trait of flexibility inteaching. The teacher student relationship is essential part of effectiveteaching. We all have went through schooling and fortunately have a favouriteteacher. Strong student teacher relationship develops lifelong relationshipswith his/her students.

A positive relationship is must and is difficult toestablish. I want to be a teacher who has the quality of good communication,respect in a classroom and one who shows interest in teaching so that, I can easilyestablish positive relationships. It is extremely important for a student togain positive attitude for their future education. Classroom always consist ofstudents with diverse personalities. Classroom consist of diverse students whohave different potentials.

Few students in classroom will grasp a concept quickly,but at the same time there will be few students who have to be repeatedlytaught using different techniques, few students will just play around and usethe school as entertainment. If student teacher relationships are not strong,teaching become difficult and challenging in these circumstances.  Relationship building between teacher and student will provide betteratmosphere for a classroom environment. I strongly believe that, stronger therelationship, more it will help a teacher to acquire information for thosestudents who are struggling with specific tasks. A significant body of researchindicates that “academic achievement and student behaviour are influenced byquality of the teacher and student relationship” (Jones, 1981). As a teacher, Iwould like my students to achieve a high level and accomplish quickly. Thisgoal can easily be achieved by developing positive and strong relationshipswith students.

In my opinion, if a teacher demonstrates an understanding of thestudent’s culture it will provide a better bonding between a teacher and astudent. Every student in the classroom is a culturally located individualwhose identity is shaped with their life experiences, interests, religiousbeliefs, gender and social background. Celebration of student’s culture helpsin building strong relationships.

Manaakitanga the first element of tekotahitanga advocates that teachers care for their students as culturally locatedhuman beings (The New Zealand curriculum, MoE,2017) I want to act as a guide,mediator, consultant, instructor and help to effectively connect their cultureto the classroom learning experience. Culture is central to learning as itplays in role in communicating and receiving information thus helps in buildingstrong and everlasting relationships with students. I want to become a teacher who is flexible in her teaching approach. Ihave learnt from my teaching experiences that no two days are similar in ateacher’s life.

Interruption and disruption are a part of classroom teachingand are considered the “norm” therefore, no day is a “typical day”. Moreover,children are unpredictable by nature hence flexibility is needed to deal withthese circumstance. A flexible teacher is responsive to different learnerabilities, needs and interests, such a teacher adapts easily to the classroomand chances of student participation and engagement increases, this furtherensures that, no student is left behind. As a flexible teacher, I would love to manage changing and uncertainsituations that arise during teaching journey.

I believe that flexibility is acentral capacity for teacher and flexible teachers have better wellbeing ascompared to rigid teachers. Flexibility also helps in teaching the curriculum.Some lessons may take more time while other lessons may be shorter, flexibilityhelps in adjusting plans as necessary.

It is also the demand of today’s busysociety to be flexible. I aspire to be a teacher who can easily change the teachingstyle according to student’s needs. From my experiences, I have learned not berigid with a particular idea or style of teaching as success lies in beingflexible. Many a times in teaching profession, it is required to modify therules to be fair. Without being flexible, situations can become stressfulcausing further problems in classroom teaching, workplace and in person life.As a teacher i want to have good mental health and flexibility is the key tosound mental health.  In conclusion, I want to be a teacher who has flexibility and positivityin teaching style.

On a broader dimension, I aspire to inculcate these traitsin my personality. In my opinion, positivity leads to building positive andstrong relations with students which further makes it easy to manage and engagestudents in learning process. Flexibility will help me to modify my teachingstyles whenever needed. Also, it will help me to adjust better at workplacewith colleagues and in classroom with students. 


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