Table of Contents    A1. Preface    B1. Route    C1. Boss Guides    D1. Trick Explanations    E1. Personal Comments About Strats    F1. Miscellaneous Explanations    G1. CreditsA1.PrefaceBefore I get started on this guide I’d like to say a few things. Firstly, this guide is a work in progress and will be updated consistently with pictures and more in-depth explanations. Due to real life, this guide hasn’t been worked on for a while but I plan to finish it at some point in the near future.To begin this guide I suppose I’ll start with the route and the items you should be picking up in the route. Any tricks or glitches mentioned here will be explained later on.Note: When starting a run you must start at level 1 with no gold or experience. Either a new profile on XBox 360 or clear your Saved Data on Steam. If you don’t your run will be considered NG+ and not NG.Note: Timer Starts as soon as you hit A/X/Enter to select your character.Note: Because Full Moon Skip is exclusive, it is banned for New Game Any% and New Game + Any%. It is allowed in 100% because only one person runs it.Before I being going into the route of the game there are some basic tricks and combos you should be able to do. First off is the first Juggling combo which is just A, X, Y, Y. And then there is the fastest way to attack without moving which is simply X, Y. After Level 8 you can no longer use these inputs because they do something entirely different. The second juggle combo that works after Level 8 is A, X, X, Y, YB1.RouteCutscene skip to the Home Castle (Pause, exit to map)After beating Castle Keep (the part with the shop) put 2 points into StrengthHead to the Blacksmith and pick up the CompassProceed to Barbarian War, everything from here is normalNote: After collecting the money from the Barbarian Boss you can exit to map you do NOT to kiss the Princess.In Thieves Forest make sure to grab the Tenderizer (+2 Strength) this is vital for beating the Catfish in one cycle (as well as level 6!).Right after you complete Rapids Rush exit the level around when the Green guy gets hit with a Cannon Ball and put all your points into StrengthHead to the Thief’s Store and buy 5 potions and 9 bombs, exit to map and back to the Catfish (If you aren’t using the new strategy for conehead groom, get 2 or 5 bombs depending if you want to use 3 on the beefy near the end of industrial castle)Refer to Catfish in the Boss Fights section for this fightProceed normally through the game until you get to PipistrelloContinue on until you get the Conehead GroomRefer to the Conehead Groom section of the Boss Fights section for this fightAfter the boss fight is over with, continue on normally.If you are using the new route (bombs on conehead groom), then exit to map right after enter Cyclops’ Cave, You need to go back and get more bombs for snoot and for the beefy in industrial castle, also you should have hit level 9 which will allow to have more points in strength making the cave go faster especially since there is heavy enemies. You will still hit level 10 before/during the Cyclops fight which means you can get the clunky mace at volcano store.When you’re in the Cyclops’ Cave you’ll be facing Heavy Enemies that can’t be juggled.I normally group them up and then juggle them as much as I can once they’re airborneAfter the first fight you want to fly using the X,Y,Y glitch and land where the bags of gold are located.This saves around 30 seconds dealing with the goblins that steal them and run away with the gold bags.When you make it into Cyclops’ Fortress you will get the Animal Orb Snooty.He is located after the first fight, behind the crack in the wall which you use the 2 bombs you bought to open.Continue on until the Cyclops’ boss fight.Refer to Cyclops’  in the Boss Fights section for this fight.NOTE: After defeating the Cyclops you can exit to map after collecting some money, you do NOT need to kiss the princess.Go to the Lava Store and buy the Clunky Mace, 240 gold, for sale there, top off on potions and buy as many sandwiches as possible.Continue on through Lava World normally. The volcano boss is self explanatory, jump and spam Y or X. One thing to note is you can use another sandwich in the air after the other one is finished.Refer to the Dragon in the boss section for this fightGoto Industrial Castle next and continue on normally.You can X,Y,Y over the poison balls that get shot in the obstacle course or with proper timing you can slip in between of them.Nothing special about this boss fight other than using the X,Y,Y glitch to move over to the Periscope during the cutscene.Go to the docks, fight the ninjas.The desert is all RNG. Haven’t developed any real strat for this segment.Only thing to note for the Alien Ship is when fighting the horde, jump and spam X. You’ll knock the aliens into each other and kill them.Finish up the desert, you don’t have to kill the guy with the zebra in order to advance.There are different strategies for the Desert Foyer room, I personally go for the Big Heavies with a X, X, X combo and clean up the smaller mobs afterwards.Continue onward to the Volleyball match juggling mobs.Volleyball match is straightforward, although you can hit the mobs on the other side of the line to prevent them from hitting the ball back.Walk into Horn area and exit.Continue on normally, these mobs are all light mobs so you can juggle them.I’ll put specific strats for the fight against the big and small skelly mobs when I come up with them.Continue on normally up to the Cornhusk BossRefer to the Cornhusk boss fight section.Upon entering the Flood Temple  you want to use the X,Y,Y, to hover over the water which slows you down considerably.The weird walking fish enemies are like the beetle’s in the desert but do not go underground. You can simply just do the X,X,Y,Y combo on them or just spam X on them but I prefer the combo since you can group up the marsh enemies that appear in Medusa’s Lair.Welcome to the worst level in the game, Full Moon. This level is the near the end of the game and it is insanely difficult to do it without dying. On the first 3 beefys just jump and hit X 4 times and back off till hes back up, then repeat several times (should be 5 times if your damage is 25/27). The beefys are priorities in this stage at least for the beginning. After getting passed the beefys you get to the ladder part. This is where you can get one shot if you are not careful, what I like to do is go to the 2nd ladder (closest to the top) and wait till they come up there and spam Y until they get knocked up and then I jump and spam Y, then i go back down the ladder (they’ll follow you down) and then go back up and repeat. Good Luck!Now after somehow completing Full Moon you get to play Snow World which is a rather slow level because of the guys who throw snowballs from there mounds, I usually go after those first but I try to combo guys while i go after it. There’s not really much more about this level except maybe that you can combo guys into the taller mounds and do a lot of damage. There is an Animal Orb right at the end of the level called Bipolar Bear who is great for the end of the game as it finishes of enemies at less than 11% health which is incredibly more useful than an extra 2 damage at the end of the game. This is because it can finish off bosses early which could give you an early cycle on cyclops2 and finishing ice king off earlier.At the start of Ice Castle hold left, you shouldn’t get hit once by the icicles and dashing with Y is actually slower and will get you hit by icicles. The Boss fight strats are below.NOTE: You can exit to the stage right after killing the boss you do NOT need to kiss the princess.From here on out there really isn’t anything special in the route, just continue on killing things as fast as you can up until the boss fight. Then you can look at the Boss Fight section for help.The Trials are all boss fights. I have my strats written down below in the Boss Fight section.C1.Boss FightsTrojan Horse – 1-Cycle Trojan Horse BossBarbarian Boss – VideoCatfish – For this fight you want to stand right about where the hairball lands and use the X,Y combo and shielding when necessary. It’s possible to one cycle this boss when done correctly.Bear Miniboss – This miniboss is really easy and can be one-cycle if done correct, I like to start by running towards him, jumping then X,Y,Y (pre-level 8)Pipistrello – This fight is pretty simple, air combo him until he lands and either X,Y combo him and shield his tongue or spam Y and shield his tongue. X,Y is faster.Conehead Groom – This boss is probably the hardest one in the game and can bring a good run to an end easily since his opening course of action is RNG. Although, with enough practice you can one cycle him by throw locking him. Using the bomb strategy as shown before makes this fight trivial and allows you to get one cycle every time as long as you don’t miss your bombs. (this strategy has you buy 9 bombs before Catfish). This is the quick kill using a freeze plus throws (no bombs) is the quick kill using bombs + a freeze.You can also do the quick kill without freeze by knocking him down by spamming YGiant Troll (Parade/wagon boss) – After the boss spawns wait maybe 2 seconds then jump and just spam X, X, Y, Y and use X,Y,Y to get higher up from the ground if need be.Cyclops – This boss is relatively easy and can be taken out with air combos. The only thing to note is that right before he throws daggers (I think after his 4 swing at you) fly into the air using the X,Y,Y glitch and hover over him. Just spam X as you float down and you shouldn’t get hit really.Dragon – This fight is another easy one, jump and X,Y,Y combo his head. When he lowers his head eat a sandwich on the ground to avoid getting knocked over. With good timing you can eat a sandwich during the air to give yourself invulnerability during his fire breath which can lead to a very quick kill, be careful of the falling rocks as a beefy, they one shot you. Industrial Machine – This fight isn’t hard in the slightest granted you get good RNG with the hand. Just sprint attack at the rods as they pop up and X,Y combo the turrets. As for the hand, it seems it’ll only attack you if your back is turned to it so just wait for it to get into attacking range and turn and hit it or combo if you can.Cornhusk – I’ve seen and come up with different strats for this fight and the best I’ve come up with is just X,Y comboing with good timing. Another thing to mention is that the boss has a harder time hitting you when you’re behind it. You can also use sandwiches but I prefer to save mine for the Necromancer before the final boss fight. Medusa – There’s a pattern with how her Snakes attacks you, which you can block. If you wait for her to hit you first, it give you enough time to jump then Y,Y,X,Y,Y,X then block before getting hit. Try to dash into her using X and then get behind to set up the Y,Y,X,Y,Y,X combo.Ice King – Avoid the ice barrage from underneath with X,Y combo and sprint attack at him when he speeds up his cycle. This fight isn’t that hard, just lots of RNG like the rest of this game. Having BiPolar Bear helps at the end of this fight a lot since it will stop him from teleporting at 11% since he will die to the bear.Painter – I like to start this fight by just spamming the X, X, Y, Y, combo, but after that i start out with dash X then the combo. For his Paintings only kill the unicorn the others ones are too slow to kill. It is possible to make him only paint 4 paintings but that requires insane amount of luck to do but would be easier to do if you had bombs (roughly four bombs and you would use when he’s drawing the clown and red square demon, you need to hit your combo first though to guarantee enough damage). Then he goes into panic mode when he is under 40% health he goes into a panic mode. At this point just jump and spam XCyclops – This fight can be glitched in a way that you can one cycle him, though this is highly impossible there may be a very small chance of doing it. Anyways what you can do though is when he goes to attack you can move down slightly and X, X, Y, Y, combo on him and move down slightly when he attacks again. Once he starts shooting fireballs, you can X, Y, Y, towards him and hit him and he’ll glitch out going up and down really fast but this isn’t really an infinite loop, once he shoots the fifth fireball he goes on his casket. He jumps on the casket 20 times. You want the dead Groom and the Cyclops to be as close to each other when the Cyclops opens his casket. Repeat till dead.Necromancer – First off, this guy is a nightmare, he starts off sending out minions that are fast as hell, and have a good amount of hp. Then after defeating them he sends out more, and they are more difficult. There are 3 Beefies on this wave making it impossible to juggle correctly or good. But after beating those here is my best run of beating him. Basically you can infinite X juggle him with sandwiches but setting it up is rather difficult, but I got extremely lucky in that fight. Alternatively you can freeze him (if you are playing as the Blue Knight) and just attack him (no combo really matters since you can only get a number of hits off before he falls) I’ve noticed with using Beefy Sandwiches that if you hold up and press X then it has a higher chance of starting a combo. Also if you throw him then run up doing the same strategy, it works better than jumping.Final Boss Phase 1 Crystals – You can go attack the crystals right when they spawn but they may knock you down. It is best to attack until they all spawn then go straight down to the bottom-middle of the screen. This way the crystals stay grouped and you can hit them without fear of getting knocked down since they can’t hit you at the bottom of the screen.Final boss Phase 2 Bubble Shield – right off the start you can use an X-Dash attack when he comes down. This doesn’t really do too much but it helps. When he has a blue bubble try to stay towards the bottom of the screen so he attacks less making switch forms a lot faster. When he has red bubble you can either X-Dash into him and twirl with Y or you can dash into him with Y I prefer to do the first method but its all just preference. (This is the old strat)The new strategy for this boss is abusing a mechanic with the Y-Dash in a particular spot. This is shown in the youtube link below of the full ‘perfect’ fight.Final Boss Phase 3 and 5 Balloon – Just XYY up to him and then spam XXYY Easiest form. For phase 5 though (right after spider phase) you want to land him in a specific spot, which can be tricky to accomplish because of bipolar bear, if you manage to hit the right spot then you can get a perfect final phase. Check the video I have posted of it at the bottom of this.Final Boss Phase 4 Spider Form – This is honestly really easy, after you break open the chest you can XYY up to him and spam X and Y and don’t move otherwise he’ll attack and you’ll get knocked off, stayed in the middle of him.Final Boss Phase 6 Final Form – I like to start of with an X-Dash and after that jump on him and spam X and that’s all there is to this fight since you can’t get hit in the air by the meteors while spamming X so do that till he’s dead. You can also abusing a mechanic with the Y-Dash in a particular spot just like in Phase 2.This is an example of a nearly perfect fight, final phase could have been faster if my timing was better.  E1. Video ReferenceG1. CreditsGuide created by Ravfe and Soxdye9I hope this has helped at least someone to get into the game that might not have known where to start.


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