TABLEOF CONTENTSTitle                                                                                                                            Pageno.  Part 1: About Myself                                                                                                       1&2 Part 2: My Preferred Job                                                                                               3&4 Part 3: Course Structure and Modules                                                                       5&6 Part 4: CCAs and Enrichment Activities                                                                         7 Part 5: Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning                                                   8 Appendices and Citation                                                                                                   9 Part 1: About Myself My name is Ryan Lee, currentpursuing the diploma in international business, I am currently 18 years old in2018 and moving on to my second year of study in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I wouldsay that I am a relatively cheerful person and I always like to look on thebright side of things no matter how dire the situation may be. I always believethat no matter the circumstances, there is a way out and we should never giveup until we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I would also call myself avery caring individual. I not just care about my own environment but I caremostly for the well-being of the people around me as well. At times, I wouldnot deny that I go overboard in helping others such that I put them in front ofmy own interest.

I like to make the people whom I care about and are around mehappy, because I feel that this makes me even more happy as I do it. On top ofthat, I feel that I am a responsible person as well. I take responsibility andpride in not just my school work, but also my external commitments as well. Ivolunteer at TOUCH community services regularly and take the basicresponsibility to turn up whenever my help or services was required at thecharity organizations. I strongly live by the fact a smile on other’s faces putone on my too.

 Personally, I feel that myinterests are operations and the sales sector in a business. For one, I likeinteracting with people a lot, and being in the sales segment allows me thatavenue to engage in something I like to do as well as earn money to support mylife at the same time. For operations segment, I would say that I like to workwith workers on the ground and being the frontier workers of the company. Ithink that one skill I have in me is leadership skills, I have engaged in manydifferent leadership positions throughout my years of education in primaryschool and secondary school being in the executive committee for theprefectorial board and student council board respectively. I always like beingthe leader instead of a follower, as I like coming up with new directions to gotowards, which being follower hinders me from achieving that.  After using the RIASECprofiling tool, I have found out that my top 3 aspects are realistic, socialand enterprising. Meaning I am leaned towards being more of a do-er, a helperand a persuader as well. I think that I would be suitable for a leadershipposition in the future as I hone the ability to convince others and at the sametime, being helper to my subordinates at workplace.

  Part 2: My Preferred Job In the future, my preferredjob would want to become an operations manager who can manage operations notjust in local companies but I would be able to take my career in an overseascompany. I would like to become an operations manager in the Humans Resourcesindustry.  The role of an operationsmanager in HR is that he or she oversees all functions of the HR aspects, theyalso have the role of being the connection between his staff and the highermanagement in the company. The main responsibilities of an operations managerin the HR include setting objectives for the HR team and tracking progress,monitoring internal HR systems and databases, reviewing and approving ormodifying budgets, to monitor vital and important HR metrics. As the operationsmanager, he or she is also a consultant to the other managers and staff in thecompany regarding company policies and proper procedures. It is also part ofthe operation manager in HR job description to address the various queries thatemployees may have regarding their compensation, salary or employment benefits The required qualificationsof an operations manager that the individual needs to have is a Bachelor’sdegree in any business-related field. Some other essential skills needed as anoperations manager would be to have good knowledge of labor law, ability todevelop clear and fair company policies and team management skills. It is alsoimportant to have exemplary leadership skills to lead the team well and in adesirable direction.

The operations manager in HR also must hone excellentinterpersonal skills so that he or she would be able to communicate well withnot just his own staff but other staff in the company as well.  A recent job posting on HRoperations manager is by Capita Pte Ltd- Business Support 2, calling out for aHR operation manager(retail) with a salary of approximately $5000 per month.Sample of job posting was taken from (refer to appendix 1).

 The reason why I choose tobecome an operations manager in the Human Resource field is because I hadalways liked interaction with other people, and I feel that I have shownexemplary interpersonal skills which better enables be to interact with thepeople around me. I also have an interest in the well-being of others, being inHR allows me to come up with policies that could improve the well-being ofother employees in the company. Furthermore, I chose to take up a leadershiprole as I feel that I have the leadership skills that not everyone is able tohone, thus I would not want it to go wasted.   Part 3: Course Structure and Modules The first module that wouldme achieve my career aspirations would be International business environment.As stated previously, I would like to become an operations manager not just inSingapore but in other countries as well, international business environmentthought me the importance of adapting myself as I move on to differentcountries to pursue my career.

 The second module is BusinessManagement, this module has thought me the various styles of leadership and howto become a leader in my company in the future. As I would like to take on aleadership role in my future company becoming a manager, it is vital that Iknow how to lead in different situations. The third module would bebusiness law. This module has taught me the basic law concepts and the variouslaw that are implemented on a company. This module has benefitted me such thatI know the law which involves entities running in the market. As a leader in myfuture in the company it is essential I know these laws and do not violatethem.  The fourth module is Businesscommunications. The module has thought me important presentation skills bothindividually and in a group.

It would aid me in my career as it would beexpected that I do a lot of presentations as a leader in the future, thismodule has already taught me the dos and don’ts during the presentation, thusalready preparing me for the future.  The fifth module is Micro andMacroeconomics. The concepts taught in these modules would benefit me in thefuture as I would be more well-aware of the reasons for the phenomena shown inan economy and thus would be able to help me better understand the market. The last module would beaccounting and finance. This module has taught me the basics of keepingaccounts of the company’s assets and liabilities which is important for thebusiness not just for legal purposes but to keep a clear account of thecompany’s health and well-being as well. It is important for me because as anoperations manager, it is crucial that I adjust the operations based on thereports itself to sustain the company.  Part 4: CCAs and enrichmentactivities Currently, the CCA that Ihave taken up is the bowling club. Although it is true that most of the timebowling is an individual sport, there are some events or competitions wherebybowling is played in teams as well.

Thus, through this CCA, it has helped mebuild the spirit of teamwork. It has made me realize how to effectively becomea team player, working with others. This would help me in the future asteamwork is very important in any job. Besides the bowling club, Iam also part of a special interest group called BA envoys. BA envoys are theambassadors to the school of business and accountancy.

Through this specialinterest group, it has given the chance to build up the self confidence that Ineed in the future for my career. For example, I have been appointed as anemcee twice for the past academic year. Through these duties, it hassignificantly built my confidence to speak in front of an audience and allowedme to express myself freely in front of them. This has not only helped me in mypresentations at school, I am sure that it would help me in the future when Iam required make presentations to my future bosses as a manager.  Some external events which Iam taking part in like volunteering at charity organizations and workingpart-time at Resort World Sentosa has given me a fresh insight of the workingworld and I am sure I would be able to apply the knowledge I have gained in mycareer.  Part 5: Continuing Education andLifelong learning After education in Ngee Annpolytechnic, I would like to go on to pursue a degree in Businessadministration in one of the local universities in Singapore.

I would like toapply to Nanyang technological university to Nanyang business school. Thecourse of business allows student to take a specialization in year 2 of which Iwould like to take up Human Resource Management as I aim to become anoperations manager in the Human resource field as stated earlier in part 2.Minimum requirements of the course include an “o” level pass equivalent inAdditional Mathematics of which I have already obtained in Secondary schooleducation.

 Another programme I wouldconsider applying for is a degree in business administration in NationalUniversity of Singapore. After research, NUS Business Admin degree last yearrequired a GPA of 3.81 at the 10th percentile and 3.97 at the 90thpercentile.

With such a relatively high GPA, it shows that the course has beena population choice among scholars in Singapore, the course accepted a totalintake of 550 students last year.  My reasons for choosing theseoptions is because I would like to continue in the field of study for businessafter completing my diploma in international business in Ngee Ann polytechnicwhich would aid me better in getting closer to my desired job in the future.


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