T he manufactures of
paint has decreased in numbers over the years due to the above mentioned years
and because the large manufacturers acquire the smaller ones. There still are

The growth rate of paint
industry is expected to decrease in comparison to the previous years. There are
several reasons behind that, firstly, the use of materials that do not require
painting is increasing with time, secondly, techniques of applying the
techniques are becoming more efficient and last but not the least because the
quality of paint has increased, less paint is required now to paint a single

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Market Outlook of
the Paint Industry

The company is currently
facing the problem related to its marketing strategies. As for now, the
company’s paints are the expensive in the market, and it is spending 10 times
less than other big paint manufacturers on the advertisement. The company faces
the problem that whether it should increase it’s spending on the marketing to
increase its customer base, or cut the prices of its products, or continues
operating without making any changes.

Problem Statement

Jones Blair Co is the
manufacturer and seller of paints. It is a private corporation and its business
revolves around the sales of trade paints. It is also involved in the selling
of paints to the industrial manufacturers around the country. It offers its
products to a wide range of customers using a variety of different channels. In
addition to producing and selling paints, it also offers paint sundries to its
customers. Though these sundries are not manufactured by the company itself,
but are sold under its brand name. Its customers includes stores of paints,
lumber yards, buyers from households and industrial manufacturers, and
different contractors. It distributes its products to its customers via two
hundred independent stores. JB Co. sells its products in more than fifty
counties in rural areas of USA and in the urban area its major sales comes from
Dallas Fort Worth. DFW include forty percent of its total outlets. The company
has sales representatives who takes orders and monitors the operation sin the
outlets. These representatives are given one percent of the commission on sales.
Also, the company is spending currently three percent of its net sales on



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