Survivor 1:Early yearsBorn on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, CaliforniaGrew up with three sistersDecided to become a writer at the age of 14 Enrolled into Stanford UniversityDropped out with no degreeEarly CareerMoved to New York and worked as a construction worker and a newspaper workerThe moved back to California, where became a caretaker in Lake TahoeThere, he wrote his first novel and married his first wifeWrote many books there with the support of his new wifeIt wasn’t until 1935 until he became a success with the book, Tortilla Flat Later LifeSteinbeck served as a war correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune during World War IITraveled to Mexico to collect marine life with his marine biologist friend Wrote a successful book about their adventures Continued to write and was still successful died of heart disease on December 20, 1968, at his home in New York CitySurvivor #3:Field LaborerMover and Packer StorekeeperBus DriverProduction WorkerIn the event crew, you make sure that everyone is having the best possible time at Petco Park.

You also help set up and take down events that are being hosted there, you also help enforce the rules to all visitors. Survivor #4: A migrant worker, also known as a seasonal farmworker, is someone who works on a farm or multiple farms. This lifestyle is challenging because some seasons aren’t as good as others and they don’t require as much work. Also, since the job is seasonal, for some of the year, many migrant workers don’t have a job to support themselves and/or their families. Survivor #5: The Scorpion The PearlThe scorpion, to the Greco-Romans, is a symbol of death, Steinbeck used this to indicate the danger the Kino felt when one was climbing down the rope to Coyotito’s basket. The pearl is a symbol of beauty and uniqueness, Steinbeck used this because it is a perfect example of the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

” Kino believed that all good things would come from it, but the peal only brought evil. Survivor #6: To most people, lotteries are considered to be a good thing, an amazing thing, but to people like Urooj Khan, it wasn’t like that at all. The very next day after receiving all of his cash he was pronounced dead. Although at first authorities claimed the death was of natural causes, once it was looked into, they found out that Urooj was poisoned. The lethal poison, cyanide, did kill the lottery winner, but some relatives did profit off of this loss.

This is an example of sometimes it is better to have less than have more and you should be thankful for what you have. Survivor #7: The nobel prize is an award that is given annually to someone who has achieved something spectacular in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, or economics. ┬áSurvivor #8:I believe that Steinbeck taught moral lessons in his writing because he knew that other shouldn’t make the mistake of blocking out family like he did. In the Pearl, the introduction helps show how tightly-knit the families are so everyone know the tale of the pearl in that town.

Steinbeck wanted to show how close you should be with your family so can always have their support. Survivor #9:Both Kino and John Steinbeck are survivors because both of them had to go through hard times to get to their successful place in life. Although in the end of the novel, Kino’s life seemed to be over, he overcame the pearl and moved on with his life, even if that meant getting over coyotito. Steinbeck survived because after dropping out of Stanford, he kept pursuing his dream to become a writer, and eventually it happened. Both of these men had to make some sacrifices to reach their goal, Kino defended himself and his family in order to reach his goal, even if he never got there. Steinbeck had to dropout of college and work as construction worker just so he could pursue his passion. Survivor #10:Yes, I believe that getting to know a person better can help you to be kinder to one another because you can understand your differences and look past them. One example of that in my personal life is with me and my friend Maya.

Since she doesn’t get along very well with her parents, she always make jokes and uses sarcasm as a defence against insults and awkward situations. After getting to know her better, I know when she makes jokes and when she’s being serious which decreases the chance of getting into any arguments with her. I believe that if you have trouble staying friends with someone, then you should try to get to know them better so no disagreements are cause by the disliking of eachother.


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