Sun, Wind, and Water: Clean Energy SourcesRenewable energies are the future for our growing energy needs. The advance with better technical solutions now available and above all more and more economical, yield modern systems with solar panels, wind turbines, decentralized hydroelectric power plants, biogas and others in many competitive occasions.The vast majority of energy still comes from hydrocarbons, be it gas, oil or coal. These limited sources affect the environment and contribute to climate change . Advantage of hydrocarbons is their well-understood technology and its availability.The nuclear energy with its disastrous accidents (among others Fukushima, Chernobyl, and Harrisburg), the problems of radioactive waste without a definitive solution and the high demands of water for cooling, leave great doubts for its use, especially in a highly seismic. With the low prices of alternative sources of electricity, nuclear power plants lost their competitiveness.Currently, the production of electric power is changing worldwide, and in some countries, more than 30% of electricity is generated from non-traditional renewable sources. Given the increases in unstoppable electricity rates, it is increasingly attractive to use solar panels or other non-traditional sources. In places without access to the network, they are often the most profitable solution.o    A 2015 investigation concluded that by 2025 in countries with suitable radiation, producing electricity from photovoltaic solar energy will be cheaper than gas or coal (pdf).o    For the large-scale generation, Carbon Tracker, a group of financial specialists, indicates in its report “The end of the part for coal and gas” (pdf, in English) that renewable energy is already the cheapest in 2016, if All costs that occur during the life of the plants are considered (LCOE – Levelized Costs of Energy).o    The British development agency ‘Crown Agents’ (founded in 1833) claims in its latest report ‘The Solar Revolution’ (pdf, in English) that the year 2018 will be the global turning point for solar energy because of prices more accessible and dramatic improvements in technologies.Promote Renewable EnergiesThese pages inform about the history, development, and advantages of renewable energies. We try to contribute to improving knowledge, and thus we present some articles, links, and critiques to help make informed decisions. It is also the platform for our company Delta Volt SAC, which installs systems taking advantage of these energy sources.DeltaVolt promotes applications using the following renewable energy sources:o    the Solar Energy with photovoltaic systems of solar panels for electricity and solar thermal water heating,o    the Wind Energy (wind) with wind turbines ando    the energy of water with small water turbines.We offer solutions that use solar energy with photovoltaic solar panels, the wind energy of small wind turbines taking advantage of the wind and hydraulic power for independent electrification, frequently in places far from the network. Also, facilities for hot water are provided with solar thermal baths that represent a very economical way to enjoy the sun’s energy.In the industrial sector such as mining, agriculture or telecommunications, renewable energy is used to produce electricity to have an independent and redundant energy source, reducing fuel costs, maintenance, and repairs. Frequently, investment in lengthy and expensive electricity supply lines can be saved.Renewable energy installations can solve energy needs in areas without connection to the electricity grid and can be essential for schools, health centers, and other substantial services. They replace noisy generators and pollutants that require continuous maintenance and frequently fail. The size does not matter: there are individual solutions only for some spotlights, radio and to charge your cell phone to large industrial systems that can save thousands of liters of fuel.They also represent elegant alternatives for the need for energy in your country house or summer house – no noise, no pollution.These renewable and alternative energy solutions do not affect the climate, they protect the environment – they are profoundly ecological.


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