Sun       The sun emits light, that means it gives off light.This star emits light because it burns hydrogen and that what makes it stay hot and produce light. It doesn’t have light bouncing off of it.The sun is the closest star to Earth. Without the sun the Earth would be a frozen wasteland. Some areas of the sun are cooler than others those are darker and are called sun spots.

If you stare at the sun the sun can really damage your eyes. You won’t believe it but the sun is made up of hydrogen and helium gases. The sun started as a cloud of dust and slowly formed a massive center and then gained a lot of heat. It is made up of burning gases. Sun’s surface temperature is 9,932 fahrenheit and the sun’s core is 22.5 million degrees fahrenheit. The sun controls when stuff grow and also controls when we sleep and wake up.

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The sun keeps the stars,planets,and moon in line from its gravitational pull. If the sun didn’t have a gravitational pull the moon,stars, and planets would be all over the place. Its cool that the sun is 4.5 billion years old and still hasnt burnt out. Many ancient cultures thought the sun was a god. The solar system is named for the ancient Roman word, Sol Helio means sun in Greek.

Now if you want to be an astronaut watchout for the sun.Moon        The Moon reflects light, that means it has light bouncing off of it. It doesn’t emit light because it doesn’t produce any light. The moon is our only natural satellite.

It’s cool that the moon orbits around the earth 27.332 days to orbit around the earth fully. The moon was formed 30-50 years after the earth was made. One big object hit the earth and a bunch of rocks went up in space and melted together with the help of the sun. The first person to step foot on the Moon was Neil Armstrong. Earth’s Moon is the fifth largest planet in our solar system. For 500 years large rocks were striking the moon’s surface.

In 1905 the USA was considering dropping a nuclear bomb on the moon. Our planet Earth, is so big it can fit the Moon it it nearly four times. The Moon has no atmosphere so meteors


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