Suffering is a worldwide experience of which no human being has the capacity to evade.

Nevertheless, suffering can also be optional at times and get to totally depend on how one chooses to look at a tragedy. Every now and then, different unfortunate happenings that could include loosing money and many others related to constant depression keep on occurring to different people. Suffering actually has the capability to initiate anger and bad temper or at the same time, be the most opportune and perfect learning experience for a soul, that will result in more maturity and more experience in life. On the other hand, suffering at any given time is always optional for those individuals who choose to look at it from the bright side. Nevertheless, the world is filled by a number of pessimists, who would grade a tragedy as bad luck, an omen and nothing but hell for them. The most unfortunate issue about such people is that they always end up realizing the criticality of their actions, when they are already too deep in to the turmoil. Such an alarming epic was permanently written in the minds of family and friends by my friend Sharry a couple of years back.

Sharry went through the unfortunate experience of braking up with her boyfriend immediately after she had busted him getting friendly with a different girl. The happening caused an unexplained magnitude of pain to Sherry that no words of consolation or assurance from both her family and I, would restore her hopes for a better and happy life. There are countable times when Sherry tried to take the unexplained direction of hurting herself; a venture that saw her being admitted in the hospital after eventually trying to commit suicide by overdose.

As if that was not irresponsible enough, she at some point surprised her family and friends when she cut herself on the wrist, making us wonder about how much she had gotten used to the idea of torturing herself, to the extent that she needed an additive in the form of physical pain. Matters got more serious when Sherry started blaming herself every now and then, suggesting that she was not good enough for her now unfaithful boyfriend while looking at herself as not having enough beauty. She constantly insisted on pointing fingers at herself for the separation. The escapades of pain that Sharry was taking herself through would only see me wonder at how much pain one can decide to inflict upon herself, apparently after loosing a boyfriend not to death, but to another girl. While Sharry was looking at her experience as being a tragic one, without any chances of getting back her joy, my friends and I always discovered that this is the most reasonable happening for Sharry to learn the tricks of independence and live life outside the realms and personal space of another person, for once. One surprising thing about Sharry is that she had gotten used to her ex- boyfriend so much that everything in her life always rotated around him. There are times when friends would have major parties set up or road trips to go to, but unless Sharry’s boyfriend was coming, Sharry herself would not dare.

She basically ate what he ate, slept when he slept and laughed at only his jokes, which were even not funny to the rest of the world. Total dependence could be a very destructive lifestyle because in the event of the host’s absence, the dependant would end up being incapable of seeing another day. This is basically the story that was beginning to unfold in Sharry’s life. My friends and I would take sherry out on weekends for ice-cream, where we ate both cups and cones with tantalizing flavors.

There are times in the evenings when we would pick her up and take her to coffee shops and restaurants for enticing brands of soothing coffee. We would also stroll while making intermittent stops at shopping malls to buy interesting apparels that any girl would yearn to have in her closet. During these unwinding and comforting moments, we would look straight in to her face once in a while and with a light touch on her shoulders enlighten her on the truth about life and how positive one should take it even in the occurrence of a tragedy. When our talk took a very formal direction I would throw in random jokes so as to give her a gentler and lighter moment, even though our talk was of an utterly serious matter. Eventually, she slowed down a little bit and so we brought her to church so that she could meet more caring friends.

Church proved to be the place that would ultimately see Sherry forgive herself. She would fellowship together with other members a thing that brought happiness to her. The church organized group meetings geared towards cheering her up. We made it a never- ending trend to keep the outings and the shopping sprees going. Once in a while we would go for swimming, where Sherry surprisingly discovered that she was a better swimmer than all of her friends; a talent she never would have discovered if she had continued dating her boyfriend. Eventually, she felt better day by day just by hanging out and having fun with us.

She ultimately got to forgive herself by constant visits to the church; she even turned out to be more active in church activities than all of her friends. Sherry discovered that she too could be dependent and got to love her life more. Eventually, she met a very handsome boy who is faithful and loves swimming as well. This lucky moment made me realize that my friend’s tragedy ended up creating the best opportunity for her. She has been a great friend, who supports me more than ever before.


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