Studying actuarial science at the undergraduate level exposed me to a lot of statistical courses such as probability and statistics, analysis of survival data, design of experiments, sample survey theory, and stochastic processes.

These are appropriate prerequisites to the required coursework for a master’s degree in statistics at the University of Regina, and I am confident that my background has equipped me with a strong foundation to successfully pursue this program. Furthermore, having been exposed to programming languages such as R, MATLAB and VBA through course work and group projects, I believe I am well equipped to build up on these languages and apply them to my coursework when needed. Other skills I gained during my undergraduate studies that have prepared me to be successful at my graduate studies are: presentation skills, collaboration skills, interpersonal skills and research skills. These skills were harnessed when I had to work on my final year dissertation with my group members. I learnt how to listen to others and state my opinion without sounding authoritative. I also learnt that in a team, there are extroverted and introverted individuals so it is important to learn how to relate with each type of personality. Another thing I learnt from working in a group was the importance of synergy.

 Also, I served as an academic support representative for international students. In this position, I helped international freshmen settle into the school system by providing them with all the necessary information they needed to settle in. I also provided tutoring to some freshmen who needed help with mathematics. These thoroughly improved my interpersonal skills. After my undergraduate studies, I interned with Cornerstone Insurance PLC, an insurance company located in Lagos, Nigeria.

I learned about the field of insurance and applied my prior knowledge of probability and analysis of risk in actuarial pricing. I also performed data analysis using tools like Microsoft Excel in support of actuarial pricing. I once did a study on the frequency of claims on the different products sold by the company, and I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment and how the results impacted marketing strategies as I have always been interested in understanding the nature of data as well as the interpretation of trends in data.

These experiences helped me to develop relevant skills in writing and research. I strongly believe that altogether, my academic and professional experiences have equipped me with the technical and interpersonal skills required for a master’s degree in statistics, and I am eager to put all I have learned to good use.


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