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The five-paragraph essay is a standard format of the compositions. For sure there are different others, but this one is the most common. It has an exact structure which you can keep as a model for the successful piece. It’s extremely important to determine the type of your essay you are asked to write. There

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 This gives me the impression that Sarah Connor is quite trendy and perhaps she is being stereotyped to a certain extent, as women also have the stereotype that they have to be trendy and fashionable. As the film proceeds, we become more aware of the fact that Sarah Connor is quite dependent and vulnerable. My

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When viewing “North by Northwest” I enjoyed studying it for its elements of realism and formalism. Mixed among these two categories I also noticed some from “Classicism” or The Classic Hollywood model. Hitchcock has a multitude of techniques that cover all of the above in this film, but most I find to be very formal

What is the relationship between light intensity and resistance in a Light Dependent Resistor? Aim: To find out how a light dependent resistor is affected by light intensity. Hypothesis: A light dependent resistor is one that changes its resistance with a change in the light intensity on it. Hence if we can find the light intensity that

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Psycho is one of the most famous, ground breaking and most influential film ever made. It was so ground breaking it created a whole new genre of its own which was the slasher horror. Hitchcock aim was to achieve certain effects. Hitchcock wanted to make a film that would change the ways films were made


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