Student: God, My nights are going sleepless and my days are going useless, Am I in Love? God: No Dear, Syllabus zyada hai or tujhe kuch nahi aata hai..Yes! For most of us Exams and Results do take a big place in our day today lives.  As we are very near to our semester exams, practicals, viva, records, projects and many more ahead, especially under the pressure of deadlines. We all thrive for Success, few to be a champion, few to be an all rounder, few to score good marks and few to pass the examination. In this due course knowingly or unknowingly we all tend to undergo a lot of stress.

                                        Our nights go sleepless and our days go useless, we will have many things to do but under tension and stress we take we will not be able to complete our works as planned. There will be one whole semester Syllabus before us and we will do our best to complete it and be prepared. On appearing in the exam hall, as we see the question paper we tend to forget the answers which we have read and revised just in front of the exam hall. Do you know the reason?  “!Stress!”                                              Not eating proper food, sleepless nights, tension, Not being able to manage time, Not being able to follow the plan, Feeling of not having enough time, Anxiety are few of the symptoms.

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Stress not only drags us back but also makes us to loose our self confidence on facing failure after failure.  “I realized at the exam hall that I forgot my hall ticket in tension and luckily my house was near to the college and my father helped me with it.” said Vaishnavi.M.

We tend to forget important things and answers under this pressure.                                                                    Nevertheless, as we overcome many fears in our lives. we can also overcome stress. Try to indulge in more of physical activity which will help you to get refreshed.

  Talk to people around you, Get more sleep, Eat proper food on time,  Learn to say No to additional responsibilities, Try managing time and if you feel stressed try few of your stress busters such that you will be back to normal and also you will be able to focus on your subject. “According to me, Stress is a sign of progress and an intimate way of your body telling you that you are doing a great job” says Divya, student of Bsc. So, let us not take this stress anymore and give our best in examinations without any fear for success. As a quote says, it always seems impossible until it is done.

On working and completing syllabus on time we might feel that it isn’t enough and there’s a lot more to do but just read and do all that you can do and last but not the least let your hard work propel you to a speed so fast that good luck has no choice but to ride with a winner like “YOU”.All The Best My Dear Friends!


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