Strategiesbased upon research:            The present business model canvas ofYouth Charter indicates that there is a scope of development in customer relationshipbuilding procedure.

It can be said that with the help of internet producers it canreach out to millions of its consumers. Internet has offered another newcommunication platform that can provide a whole new social action. social media has emerged as an important medium ofcommunication globally for reaching out to a vast audience. The internet specially the social media can be used as apowerful tool in order to increase awareness for social causes.Currently there is a superfluity of social media sites and applicationsthat are being used by diverse organisations. Social media solves the purposeof connecting audiences across the globe. With the help of social media, it ispossible to spread any message within fraction of a second.

Every post made in anysocial media platform creates an opportunity of customer conversion.  Through these platforms it is always easier tointeract between new and existing customers. Every blog post, image, video,or comment you share creates an opportunity to get people’s reaction, every reaction increases the chanceof visiting new sites.  Keepingall these factors in mind a new model can be developed which will support YouthCharterin changing communities.             The primary objective of TheYouthCharter Community Campus is to make sport, arts and cultural activity moreefficient and effective in an integrated manner. The Community Campus consistsvarious facilities to provide programmed activity for young people. 100 socialcoaches from are also trained. In this structure a digital model comprise ofdifferent social media platforms can be implemented.

YouthCharter has two mainactivity. Inspiring volunteers or general people can be taken as a third one.Now, in a community if the customer segment is divided into three differentparts such as- Young People, Social coaches learning program and stakeholdersor donor organisations then each segment should have separate social media platformdepending upon the current trends.

The model has been designed in such a way sothat it can be changed based upon any particular community and latest trends ofSocial media usage.              From the above graph it is evidentthat the 99% of the people from age group of 16-25 use social network in TheUnited Kingdom and 84% of between 25-34 use social media weekly. Hence, it iseasier to reach to people of such age groups with the help of social media.

Now,based upon the popularity among the users of different age groups and alsocustomer segments of YouthCharter various social media platforms can be used. Accordingto a statistical survey, Facebook is ranked first with a market share of 78%.In July 2017, it was published that people aged between 20-29 use Facebook themost. Hence, it can be said that Facebook is very popular among the youngpeople.

It can be used as a medium to create awareness among people. Facebookhas its own guideline for making customised page for charitable organisations.A survey on Instagram done on May 2017 showed that it is mostly popular amongthe age group between 15-30. In the United Kingdom 44% of the Instagram usersare male whereas 56% of the users are female.


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