This is my life history as a association football participant in Kuwait.

It touches on my life as a kid who was profoundly interested n association football, right from primary school, High school and after high school. The narrative high spots my aureate minutes in all the degrees that I have played football and particularly in the junior and the senior Kuwait national football squad.

Raising Action

Born in the twelvemonth 1974 in Farwaniya Kuwait, I grew up populating a normal life with my household of two parents and three siblings. I was the 2nd born boy in a household dwelling of two male childs and one miss. At the age of eight six I could watch my brother drama football with other the vicinity male childs but I could non fall in them because they considered me excessively immature to play aboard them. Two old ages subsequently my male parent took me to fall in Al Rashid Indian School in Farnawiya, which happened to be the same school where my senior brother was go toing. Four old ages down the line after playing with my fellow schoolmates and on occasion playing alongside my brother during games clip, I got an inspiration to fall in the junior school squad. Even though my brother encouraged me, I was still non strong plenty to be among the first 11 participants.

I was patient plenty and maintain on working difficult until I was in the 6th twelvemonth of my surveies when I got a interruption through into the first 11 of the junior school squad. I played the function of an assailing centre half for the junior squad and due to my tremendous part in the junior squad ; I was promoted to fall in the senior squad. Even though I started from the bench due to my immature age, it was a great measure for me.

With ceaseless preparation, I gained the adulthood required and managed to acquire a lasting topographic point in the senior squad after one twelvemonth. After my primary school, I joined Farnawiya High School. With the motive I gained in primary school, I knew the possible I had and hence on my 2nd twenty-four hours in High school, I joined the preparation session of the school squad. The battle was difficult due excessively my small organic structure size but I kept on working hard.

The first month with the school squad was tough because cipher recognized me, senior participants were besides full of disheartenments because they viewed us the fledglings as a menace excessively them. With a spirited difficult work, five of the new comers managed to interrupt into the list of 18 participants who were named in the preliminary squad to stand for the school in the approaching high school tourney. The tourney was tough but it turned out to be platforms to demo instance my endowment when I was given a opportunity in the 2nd half. This made the manager and the remainder of the participants to acknowledge my capableness. During my 4th twelvemonth in High school, we represented our school up to the national degree.

This is the topographic point where my life changed when I was selected to be among the junior national squad. It was an chance that I have waited for the remainder of my life. The lone demand was that I move to Kuwait metropolis where we would be trained under a qualified manager and with efficient installations. At the get downing it was disputing to go forth my household in Farnawiya town, but I had to play for the national squad anyhow. I Kuwait City, I lived with my uncle who treated me like a existent male parent.


Football officially became portion of my life and my day-to-day modus operandi because I had to go to the day-to-day preparation Sessionss.

My true football journey began with the junior national squad. We played in several tourneies with Arabian states. The most sensational tourney with the junior squad was in the twelvemonth 1994 which we won after crushing Saudi Arabia in the finals by three ends excessively two. The ambiance was tense since had lost our captain to an ankle hurt in the seventieth minute while draging the Saudis two ends to one. Hopes of acquiring something from the tourney merely came when the last guardian of the Arabian squad tipped our striker inside the box and we got a punishment which the same striker converted in to level the tonss. Late in the hurt clip, my influence in the squad could non be assumed when I picked the ball from the midfield, drove past the Saudi & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s defence and scored the winning end with two proceedingss staying to the terminal of the game.

After being crowned the title-holders of the junior gulf cup, my calling in football was glistening since it began honoring me financially. At the age of 20, I could mange to pay my ain rent in the metropolis and so I said good pass to my uncle, but with a batch of grasp. I was continually called upon to play in the Kuwait national junior squad. I was ever among the participants who represented the state in the international friendlies and major junior tourneies.

In the twelvemonth 1996 and at the age of 20 two, I was called to fall in the Kuwait senior national squad, the Al Azraq. The senior national squad was non a large challenge to me because I had represented the state in major tourneies and won several trophies. I was actively involved in the senior national squad as an assailing centre half. I played many games including universe cup measure uping lucifers against regional states like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman. It was in the twelvemonth 1998 during the Gulf cup when we won the tourney after crushing Saudi Arabia in the finals.

I was named the participant of the tourney following the great impact I had on my squad. I managed to hit four 0goal and supply seven aids. After the tourney the Kuwait football federation named me the Kuwait & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s participant of the twelvemonth 1998. This gave me a opportunity to be called to play in China for the Shangai Shen Harkat-ul-Mujahidin football nine. I was highly happy to be in the squad the thrashed Bhutan 20 ends to nil in the twelvemonth 2000. In the same twelvemonth I took portion in the Olympic Games with the national squad.

Falling Action

The gulf cup tourney of the twelvemonth 2007 turned out to be tragic to me and my state as a whole.

We lost our first lucifer against the Oman but we still had a opportunity to measure up if we could win our 2nd game against the Saudi Arabians. The 2nd twenty-four hours of the tourney, we faced Saudi Arabia in a must win lucifer. With all the finding we had in our Black Marias, things could non work out on our favour. It turned ugly when our left full dorsum was red carded and we had to play one adult male less. I was hence, forced to play the function of a defensive midfielder. Ceaseless onslaughts from the Saudi Arabians forced us to do despairing defending. The Saudi & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s got a corner boot which was really the last drama of the game.

Their striker was so close to hiting and that is when I jumped high to unclutter the ball with a bike boot, merely for me to lose the ball and kick the opposition. I landed ill with my mortise joint and I could non go on with the game. The referee nevertheless awarded a punishment excessively the Saudi & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s as I was taken to the infirmary.

They scored the lone end which eliminated us from the tourney. The medical study was that I tore my ligament and that I could non play any game for the following two old ages.


Even though the medical consequences prohibited me from playing for two old ages.

I promised myself that I will still play for the national squad once more. This is after sing my immature age and my deep desire to do it up for the mistakes of the twelvemonth 2007. During these two old ages, I became a football embassador within Kuwait, forming football workshops within the state inan effort to better the association football conditions in Kuwait.


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