Stephen Hawking’s statement in the USA Today that “We are all nowconnected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain” completely representsthe current situation of the contemporary society (Hawking, 2014). Nowadays, theInternet is frequently used and is fully implemented in people’s daily lives,especially when looking to the millennial generation (people who are bornbetween 1980 and 2000, also referred as Generation Y). This age group has beenraised with internet and technology in the centre of their childhoods. Havingthe Internet as an integral part during their lives has completely shaped theway this demographic communicates, shares information and formed their shoppingbehaviour.

The existence of the Internet brought many advantages to theGeneration Y’s everyday life. By making use of the medium, people cancommunicate, entertain, learn, search for information and complete everydaytasks. In addition to this, the tool provides individuals the possibility topurchase products and services.

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However, the disadvantages regarding the mediumhave been widely discussed; virus threat, spamming, risk of personalinformation theft, etc. But, since the advantages keep outweighing thedrawbacks, the majority of the millennials cannot resist bringing it to the centreof their lives. Since the start of the Internet, millennials have always showninterested to it. This demographic is fully present on the online market anduses the Internet on a daily basis. According to marketer Patrick Spenner, thisgroup is the largest generation by population size and is 60 percent morelikely to purchase products or services online (Spenner, 2014).  Looking from a business perspective, the Internetcan be used for creating a competitive advantage and generating profit to reachthis perfect and massive target audience.

With the rise of technology development, a significant proportion ofcommercial activities takes place over the Internet. Since the purpose ofbusiness is to sell and generate profit, it is important to analyse online customerbehaviour. Furthermore, in order to develop and apply effective marketingstrategies and to reach a higher level of efficiency, the factors that affectconsumer behaviour should be investigated. Organisations will be able to betterunderstand the customer needs and wants by directly examining the interactionbetween a customer and the online shop.


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