States and their respected Public School Systems have established requirement that varies by each state about students receiving sex education. Not only in the USA but around the world sex education is considered a valuable part of a student’s education. Teens face learning roadblocks like attitudes toward sex, cultural, and religious beliefs within their family, country, and within themselves as young adults. Sexual activity also is associated with economic background, parental backround, and future plans.

Everyday a teen will decide to become sexually active without the knowledge of the dangers or a poor and inaccurate lesson given to them by those who have not been given proper knowledge. International and Domestic views on sexual education from the USA and European countries differ drastically when compared side to side. France, Germany and The Netherlands will be an example of the international views and the United States as the domestic views. Views on sex do vary from one family to the next there is personal views and how religious influences affects the family as well.  Do their parent(s) have a more strict view and believe their child should wait for marriage? Or is there a more open and easygoing view where the parent(s) believe that sex before marriage is acceptable as long as it is between two consenting partners? Countries have different methods of teaching sex education and three countries in Europe: France, Germany, and The Netherlands inspired the organization Advocates for Youth to adapt a curriculum.

Advocates for Youth is an organization centered around giving teens in the US and around the globe a positive and medically accurate education about developing sexuality. The program built a curriculum after a European study tour led in 1998 that included 220 representatives from 27 of the United States and representatives from six other countries. France, Germany, and The Netherlands were the countries observed.

There is a forward thinking approach taken, with a lack of political and religious sway. The general public also shows an acceptance of adolescent sexual development.  (Advocates for Youth, Feijoo).  The curricula is adapted for each grade level K-12 to begins relaying the information about becoming sexually active and the dangers of it while the students are developing. European and American views on human reproduction and sexuality both take different approach paths when teaching sex education. In the United States religion and politics have affected how children receive their education on sex education.

From a European study tour conducted by the Advocates for Youth in France, Germany, and The Netherlands the since cancelled concluded that there is not a one step solution. From the study tour the three R program was adapted after viewing some of the behaviors toward teen sexual development Europe also utilizes the mass media as an effective public education way, Billboards and advertisements do not hold back and censor themselves.The Advocates for Youth method shows to be an effective method for teaching teens about sex education. The problem standing is the lens that the United States views developing teens and how religion tends to overpower public schools even with a church and state separation. Each of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia have mandated their own policies on teaching sex and HIV educations in public schools. “24 states and the District of Columbia require public schools teach sex education (21 of which mandate sex education and HIV education). 33 states and the District of Columbia require students receive instruction about HIV/AIDS. 20 states require that if provided, sex and/or HIV education must be medically, factually or technically accurate” (NCSL, 2015; Guttmacher, Institute).

Even with state requirements to avoid sway from religion and avoid bias the voice is still evident with influence. Guttmacher institute reports there are only eight states that require unbiased education that is appropriate for all students that is not biased towards race, culture, or religion (Guttmacher, Sex and HIV Education). With 12 states requiring sexual orientation to be discussed, three of the state’s teach negative information on sexual preference. There are 26 states that require abstinence to be stressed and encouraged, and only two states that deny religion to interfere with teaching. Government and Religion have become two driving influencers in America today, religion plays a strong influence in the southern United States where a group of states make up what is called the “Bible Belt.

” Religion stresses an extreme view on either waiting for marriage or abstaining from sex altogether. It is also common to  shunning those who break their relationship with god by engaging in sex before marriage. Private school education promote religious curriculum because they are not funded by government and do not have to follow church and state separation. The parents of private school students pay tuition for their student to attend, in the United States most private schools are religious.  Catholic schools are taught by nuns and will have a designated time of the week where students attend mass. The United states having such a strong hold on how sex education is taught begs to ask if it’s really worth it to fight for students to receive proper sex education? The 21st Century and before each had different views on sex the 1960s brought the birth control pill which inspired a relaxed view.

But generations after that began to tighten the views on sex and really follow what the American government, mass media, and religion had began to create a form of social control with non-marital sex and with regular church attendees and developing teens (McFarland et al. The Role Of Religion). Along with religion the parents of the students themselves could have their own independent views that could have stemmed from the way their parents have taught them about sex.

Public school have a diverse population with students of different backgrounds, cultures, and all social standards where it can be hard to find a common ground where it is appropriate for all backgrounds. An article from the 20th volume of Healthfacts state that parents worry sex education might encourage early sexual activity (Healthfacts, Vol. 20, p. 6).  The human brain are not fully developed until the age of 25 which could be long after the teeneager decides to become sexually active. Teens are often easily swayed by peer pressure and the desire to fit in with their friends which could lead them to become sexually active if they feel they are falling behind.

Acquiring the knowledge of sex education could also falsely lead the teen in to believing they have all the information needed to become sexually active. The developing puberty years tend expose the vulnerability of adolescent emotions and personal view of themselves which can affect It is hard to find a common ground with educating developing teens on becoming sexually active at a young age. Often times the lack of education on the topic can result in negative outcomes and health problems like teen pregnancy, Illness, and even body image problems.

A study conducted in Oslo, Norway between parents and students, the study was in relation of first sexual intercourse and body image. The Oslo study asked how first intercourse affected the students perception on their own body image. During the years 2000-2001 a survey from Adolescence magazine on secondary school students in Oslo was conducted, there was an 88% participation rate and in the results only those who were ages 15 & 16 years of age were included.

(Adolescence vol. 44, Valle et al). In the survey from Oslo boys and girls were surveyed separately and there were different factors that went into conducting the survey.

In the body image scoring chart, girls with a negative body image score were more likely to have already engaged in sexual intercourse. Boys surveyed showed that outlying surroundings that affected whether or not they had experienced first intercourse,


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