Statement of PurposeIt was when I was inmy 6th grade when my father bought me a personal computer.

Until that time, Iwas a person interested in outdoor games and reading comic books. Only veryrarely I used to get a chance to use computers and play games – which I thoughtat that time was the greatest thing. But my motive of life changed when I ownedit and above all, it changed me to reach my current position.Iwork as a software engineer in the App development company RobosoftTechnologies Pvt. Ltd. from past 2.

5 years. My job involves creating webservices in .NET and Database objects in SQL server. I have worked on more than5 enterprise and consumer projects during this period using .

NET frameworkwhich increased my talents in server-side coding, payment gateways, and backgroundservices. Also, the tasks in various projects involving large user base andtransaction rates and continuous live deployments made me to manage time betterin tight schedules. These activities improved me in developing optimizedtransactional web applications swiftly and securely. Furthermore, I have done alot of data generation activities which were used by clients for businessanalytics and marketing. This made my life easier when dealing with hugedatasets and pushed my querying skills to a great extent. In addition,providing training to juniors also takes up a part of my job. I am sure that myexperience can benefit me greatly in pursuing masters at the University.

Itwas my interest in coding which made me to choose Computer Science and Engineeringin Srinivas Institute of Technology. Throughout my bachelors I gained a lot atechnical and interpersonal skill. Furthermore, I have participated in variouscoding competitions and skill workshops. My overall score is 62%, which wasconsidered good in my class. It is pleasure is to say that I was the only onewho got placed from bachelors into my present company from the campus interviewconducted in my college. More than 300 students from various collegesparticipated in the interview and only 2 secured jobs – one from a master’scourse and other one myself.Mycoding journey started with simple Visual Basic programs when I saw a VisualBasic book in my friend’s home, when I was in my 7th grade.

The examplesprovided in the book fascinated me and I became confident that I too can code.Within 1.5 months I was able to finish the book and was able to make basicdesktop applications – with my first complete one being a simple alarm clockwith custom music. From there onwards, my passion was always to learn newcoding concepts and create something new and better. Whenever a new programminglanguage or framework is out, I always try to make a look into it before mycolleagues.

At present, I am planning to do a few certifications in datascience with Python in order to make me well prepared for this course.Technologyadvances day by day and there is always a need to look for the better, adapt tothe best. In case of computers newest and fastest ideas and techniques replacethe existing. For being a productive computer enthusiast, one should always beup to date. An excellent education system can nourish oneself and enhance theskillset. That makes me want to do my masters in your university which canimprove myself in the challenging and the competitive environment. I have abelief that the teaching practices and facilities provided in this universitycan provide me with immense computing proficiency and garner me for the future.

I always consider the Computer science as something different from all courses.Once moved into this field there is always something new to look into. Itbecomes interesting to learn new concepts and get involved in it. For example,there are trending and interesting areas like the Internet of things, machinelearning, virtual reality etc…

Iwish to focus on topics related to embedded systems, data analytics, machinelearning and intelligent systems. My bachelor’s course dealt mainly with topicssuch as data structures, algorithms, operating systems, computer networks,computer architectures, databases, Unix programming, compiler design etc. Ihave seen videos of projects using machine learning such as prototypeself-learning cars.

Therefore, I intend to make my thesis in self-learningsystems by making use of artificial intelligence and my data analysis skills.Afterfinishing the course, I wish to continue in a field which provides enoughopportunities for smart systems and machine learning. In my country India thereare a lot of growing startups concentrating on various aspects of machinelearning. For this purpose, I also need to learn more about computer vision andnatural language processing. I strongly believe that this course, combined witheducational policies and the infrastructure present in this university and theimmense knowledge of the professors can make me well prepared for the future.Studyingin Germany can have a great impact on myself as it has a lot of technicalexcellence, breakthroughs as seen from the number of Nobel prize winners. Also,there are students from different parts of the world. Therefore, interactingwith people from different cultures can enhance my interpersonal skills andknow more about different cultures.

Apartfrom studies, I have participated and won prizes in various sports and artscompetition, in school and college. In my school days, I was very much activein martial arts (Karate) and was the leader of the group. I read thriller andsuspense novels during my free time as a hobby.Itwould be my immense pleasure and pride to study masters in your university andcontribute to the research.

I hope that my motivation will give me a chance tobe a part of this University.


I'm Erica!

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