Statement ofInterest At School, Ideveloped a great interest in the basic Science and Mathematics. I was amazedby the role of science and maths played in helping mankind lead a better life.Once I went to the event held at engineering college in my city.

I was amazedby the technology which students have used for their projects. I have seen somepresentation as well.This led meto choose an undergraduate course in Electronics & TelecommunicationEngineering. I thought that Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering wasthe field that can give me great career and future in the field which I like. In theperiod of study at R.

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C. Patel Engineering College, I have undertaken variouscourses like Introduction to computing, Microprocessor and Microcontrollersystem, information theory and coding techniques, web development and ComputerCommunication Networks. I have done a project in my last semester, Real Estate Management System with C# (Visual Studio 2008 & SQL Server 2005). For this project Igot chance to get training for 15 days from working engineers.

During mystudy I got interested in the field of Computer Science thorough my training atBharti infotel Ltd. where I worked on Programming, Computer networks, Testingand Maintenance. I also presented seminar on DBMS (Database Management System) isa collection of interrelated and persistent data. My previous work at TeleysiaNetworks Pvt. Ltd. I have worked on project of Punjab IWDMS (Integrated workflow document management system). My interestand passion for Computer Science has been fueled by few years of professionalexperience in the field of information systems.

I am currently working at SaskTelcovering the installs, configures, coordinates and administers SaskTel’s serverenvironment including file server hardware, work station application software andnetwork operating systems (NOS) and focusing on use of latest Computer Science technologies.While this has given me expertise in the field, it has also made me aware oflatest developments in Computer Science. It is to gain exposure and expertisein this area that I wish to go for a master’s program at Queen’s University.A master’sprogram in Computing will go a long way in preparing me for a fruitful career developmentin the future. I am sure that exposure to cutting edge facilities andinteraction with renowned faculty at your institution will help develop myknowledge and help me to face stiff global competition.I have donesome research in this area to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science in areputed university and with a good course curriculum so finally I choose toapply graduate program in Computing at Queen’s University.

I am confident thatgiven an opportunity, I will prove myself useful and could make a significantcontribution to the ongoing research. It would be a great privilege to be ableto do my graduate studies at Queen’s University and I am quite confident that Iwill match the high standards set by your university. I especially thank youfor giving me the opportunity to express about myself. Thank you for your time. 


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