The school administration committees are always concerned with staff, as well as other entities thus guaranteeing performance enhancement among students. An apt relationship between staff and families is essential in the accomplishment of school programs. The school authorities should, therefore, design devices and approaches that families can utilize to foster meaningful relationships and communication.

The initial step is developing a resolute association involving school workforce and families to ensure that they share common interests. Linking family units in school programs is never enough unless the personnel make the first move to fabricate unquestioning affiliation with them. There is no sole method ratified for nurturing a suitable communication and bond among teaches and families in an effort to improve students’ performance, but it involves instance and suppleness (Dietz, 2005).

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Families welcome to the program

A reception process full of vigor should be employed whilst building employee/family rapport and contact. A warm welcome involving warm wishes coupled with posting symbols in the families’ indigenous languages will make them feel part of the school society.

An assisting authority, fluent in the native language should act like an interpreter. Orientation episode should provide the families with a resource center because this will improve the intensity of reception. Transect walking around the school while indicating recent developments will make the families’ day enticing. Parents, guardians and other relatives will feel privileged when they split edifying and linguistic origins with some school team. The relationship should be initiated on an affirmative note thus highlighting school accomplishments. Trust levels should be augmented by propagating communication between the two parties.

The management should show that they care and should exude respect to all the attending families. This is achieved through treating each attendant as a personage without any mistaken belief consequently addressing their interests. It is crucial to indicate that the school should uphold professionalism thus enhancing self-assurance among the staff.

Information on daily happenings

Information sharing amid families and staff is crucial in the daily updates of occurrences in the school; furthermore, there are several ways of attaining this concept (Christernson, & Reschly, 2009). The family fraternity should be invited at the start of the term; in the occasion, welcome compliments are issued. Secondly, it is necessary to provide information about the staff learning practices and hold a commencement school reunion. Thirdly, constant daily communication with parents about the performance of their children is significant in incorporating the family in school activities. It is crucial that a weekly newspaper is sent to the family outlining the impending events in class, as well as school.

The broadsheet should be translated into a language understood by the parent if they do not comprehend English. Sporadic home stopovers are also encouraged where the school meets the families in their usual settings. This ultimately encourages the parents since they feel obliged.

Finally, creation of a family handbook and reaching the families by phone helps in relaying regular information (Dietz, 2005).

Structure and content of parent conference

Parent conference is significant in the construction and upholding solidarity in school activities. It is crucial to ensure that all parents are in attendance by asking them one month prior thus establishing when the largest number may attend the conference. Furthermore, it is crucial to give them a three week notice after setting the date. Preparation of student reports while listing all the strong points and limitations of every student will contribute to the success of the process. This is in addition to, producing folders containing school newsletter and other necessary information for each attendant prior to the conference day (Dietz, 2005). The conference should have a pleasurable locale like seats and cookies so that parents feel comfortable. The program must also adhere to the time schedule and any parent with concerns should be given appointments after the meeting.

The conference discussions should use sandwich routine, which outlines the potencies at both the launch and last part of the convention. There should be a sketch out to steer the discussion, but parents should be permitted to ask questions and contribute during discussions. High levels of professionalism and proactive communication should be maintained throughout the meeting. The structure should contain a follow up record and a means of channeling the outcomes to the parents.

Monthly communications

It is not forgotten that monthly communications can be made either during conferences, but one of the best ways is to publish a monthly newspaper outlining the previous months’ accomplishments. Such media can also contain the planned activities ahead of the month. Parents and teachers can hold a short monthly meeting at the school to pass any available information; consequently, students can be given monthly handbooks to deliver to their parents (Christernson, & Reschly, 2009).


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