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Seven Seas Pool & Spa proudly announces the addition of  Sealy & Tempur mattresses in addition to our line of products & showrooms.  Both of these products have most desired traits of memory foam support and no motion transfer across the sleeping surface.We are renowned for building quality in-ground pools and providing special attention you

Footballis one of the most

Footballis one of the most fascinating sports and for this reason there has always beena huge number of admires around the world. It’s a game that keeps you attracteduntil the last minute and people love everything about it, the teamwork, thededication, the passion and not only. Because of this importance it has beenobject to many

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Introduction Do you want to live a good life feeling great with improved mental psyche and energy levels void of some chronic diseases coupled with sound sleep all in one package? Look no further; regular exercising will offer this all-inclusive package of benefits. Many people just know very little about goodness of exercise; regrettably, they

John Holt Reading Repsonse

The excerpt “Three Kinds of Discipline” from John Holt’s book “Freedom and Beyond” give the reader some fine points on the different disciplines needed by a young person to learn certain tasks and be successful. Holt highlights how important self-learning is in conjunction with supplied learning. One of his examples was a child playing with


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