Specific Purpose: Drunk drivers risk their lives and other people while they are driving which may lead to tragic events such as severe injuries or death.

Thesis: Alcohol-related accidents destroys the lives of many people in one second, and injures a million every year. IntroductionI.    Attention Getter: millions of people do it and say “what is the harm, I got home safely and no one was hurt?” Just because you got home safe does not mean you are making the right choices.

II.   Reveal the Topic/Ethos: You need to know about drunk driving, so you can avoid being in such tragic situation. In the future, you may find yourself in a car accident and you may be drunk or got hit by a drunk driver, so you should know that BAC among drunk drivers is 0.16. III.  Preview: Drunk driving is such a serious thing because it can shatter the lives of many people in one moment.

These tragic events may lead to death or severe injuries. BodyI. High blood concentration Research has shown that interlock devices are very useful in diminishing the occurrence of drinking and driving. (Light, Michael T.,et al)Driver with high blood concentration are greater risk of accidents. Transition: in 2003, 1 in 135 drivers were arrested driving under the influence.

under the influence. II. Breath tests given to the people People leaving the bars have shown that around 33% have blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit (Sylvester, steven M. and Donald P.

page #39 )The average BAC among fatally injured drinking drivers is .16 (Journal recidivism of Drug & Alcohol Abuse). ConclusionI.    Brake-Light Function: Alcohol-related accidents destroys the lives of many people in one second, and injures a millions every year. II.

  Review (Instant-Replay): So when police officer stop people just because they are not wearing their seat belts hold guarantee both in diminishing drunk driving and expanding the safety belt use. III.  Final remarks: In short, alcohol can not destroy our minds and bodies if we properly use it.


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