“Speaking of Annihilation”:
Mobilizing for War Against Human and Insect Enemies, 1914-1945 written by
Edmund P. Russell is about the chemicals from World War II that affects human
and insect and the impact to the environment. In term of protecting the
environment and wilderness, not many of the environmentalist have focus on
warfare impacting the environment and the cause of chemical industries that
have shape our environmental history on domestically and globalize. Hence,
Russell’s journal broadens our understanding on the relationships between
humans and environment and the further research that contributes to our

Russell’s journal, he introduce the cartoons name Leatherneck that is relate to
the mass bombing of Japanese cities. This cartoon is show a creature call “Louseous
Japanicas” and said “breeding groups around the Tokyo area… must be completely
annihilated” introduce by the U.S. Marines that recalls the annihilation in
Japan. Which after the release of cartoon the United States fire mass bombing
in Japanese cities that create destruction that last long effects on Japan.
But, the atomic bomb created the most effects on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that
last even up to nowadays. The after-effect of these bombings have great impacts
to these area such as damage to farming, ocean, etc. For many of the viewers,
the Leatherneck may appeal to humorous and the annihilation of human enemies,
but in reality it take us back to the fact that the United States annihilated
Japan by  bombing the area that create
lasting effect on Japan. The second cartoon is an advertisement in a chemical
industry that shows Italian, German, and Japan as half human and half creature
that is part of cockroach. This cartoon implies the representing enemy of the
United States during World War II. In the cartoon, Italian cockroach was row
over representing the defeated by the United States and its allies while
Germany and Japanese cockroach are remaining still with chemical guns pointing
at them that could potential take them out. Just like the reality that the
United States and its allies are at war with Germany, Italian, and Japanese,
these three countries as enemies should be annihilated. These are possible
outcome of the end of World War II.

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war has been impacting the environment, but the invention of technology during
war that help them defeat the enemies, human or insect, has brought victory for
the countries and save lives of many soldiers on war. The chemical industry
with the invention of atomic bomb is a mass destruction weapon and serve as threat
to many countries, but the countries have come together and compromise on the use
of nuclear weapon in war. The development of the science and technology help to
control the warfare. Hence, Russell emphasize the foundation of the United
State Military and the chemical industries that help the military to become
more powerful through sharing the knowledge contribute by both side to help the
development of each. By examining the chemical warfare it broaden our
understanding towards how the United States use chemicals to annihilate their
enemies. Whether people use chemicals to fight enemies or insects, it will
create environmental and social issues due to not recognizing the harmful
effect of these chemicals. These chemicals play a major role in annihilating
humans and insects and to remind us the costly harmful effect of using


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