Sometimes it is hard for people to distinguish between feeling sad and depression, especially when people experience different symptoms. Some symptoms are things such as “no self-confidence or self-esteem” and feeling “isolated and unable to relate to other people”. Which may cause behaviour such as “avoiding social events and activities you usually enjoy”, “self-harming or suicidal behaviour”, difficulty “concentrating on things”, “difficulty sleeping”, feeling constantly tired, and both “no appetite and losing weight, or eating too much and gaining weight”.

All of these symptoms affect the life of the person suffering from depression, and can also cause more mental illnesses or make the depression worse. When someone who suffers from depression becomes isolated because of the illness, they then feel more lonely, only making the depression worse than it was before, but they do not want to participate in social activities still. A large problem with depression is self-harming, as this can cause someone to lose their life, and is a serious health risk on the biological side as it can cause blood infections like any open wound can. Depression can really affect students, because having trouble sleeping and finding it difficult to concentrate can affect the work that they carry out in school, when you do not get enough sleep, then the quality of the work is significantly lower than of someone who does not suffer from depression, that is if they can even concentrate enough to get a full piece of work done.

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The combination of low self-esteem and both weight loss and gain can affect the sufferer mentally, which can then cause eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, which can cause physical problems as well as make the depression worse, as their self-confidence decreases. Although all of the symptoms of depression are significant, the most worry symptom is depression. In 2016, there was 5,668 suicides in Great Britain and 55,000 suicides occurring in the European Union each year. More than 90% of suicides have been linked to psychiatric disorders, especially depressive orders. Which shows the importance of dealing with depression in a safe way in order to stop these suicides.


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