Some believe technology simply wouldn’t be effective in teaching students and would not be worth the effort necessary in order to incorporate technology in classrooms. Despite this belief, there is evidence supporting the concept that technology can improve student results. A study at the University of New South Wales found that use of Smart Sparrow (technology platform), “reduced student failure rates from 31% to 7%.

” A 24% (nearly ΒΌ ) decrease in student failure should prove the effectiveness of computer programmes in teaching. Information and communication technology has revolutionised virtually every aspect of our life and work. Despite the fact that some believe technology would never be effective in education, The US Department of Education has reported that the vast majority of states, “48 states and the District of Columbia currently support online learning opportunities.” Many articles state that students don’t use technology for educational purposes. Despite this, statistics show that students use technology to improve their understanding of a multitude of subjects.

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“95 percent of students with connectivity use the internet for research,” according to Meg Conlan, an associate editor for EdTech. Students already put technology to use by researching topics to benefit their education. According to a study done by Educause (Center for Analysis and Research and University of Minnesota), 99.

5 percent of students surveyed across 5 states reported using technology to write documents, 99.5 students use technology to write emails, and 96.4 percent use technology for classroom activities. An overwhelming majority of students report a positive use of online networks. The evidence provided should dispel any worry over students using technology in a positive, educational way. The thorough evidence provided demonstrates that technology broadens learning opportunities, networks can be used efficiently, and that technology prepares students for their future.

Technology has the opportunity to renovate education, and I urge our education advisors to consider and respect technology-based classrooms.


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