Some Italian words:Chicken is Polo. You can imagine playing polo with a chicken instead of a ball.

Cat is Gatto. Imagine saying to your friend, “You’ve got to hold my cat.”Some French words:Book is Livre. Sounds like liver, so you can imagine opening a book and finding squashed liver inside.Hand is Main. My main hand is my right hand.

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Chair is Chez. Imagine you have shares in a chair.Some Zulu words:Dog is inja (eenjaa). Think of an injured dog.Floor is phansi (pansee). Imagine a pansy growing out of the floor.

Snake is Inyoka (eenyo’kaa). Imagine a snake slithering in your car.Some Japanese words:Chest is Mune (Mooneh). Imagine money growing out of your chest.Door is To (Toe). Imagine you are kicking the door with your big toe.Carpet is Juutan (Jootan). Imagine you are tanning on a big carpet.

Or, you tan a carpet.Test yourself:What is the Spanish word for tiger?What is the Italian word for cat?What is the Zulu word for dog?What is the Japanese word for chest?What is the French word for book?What is the Italian word for chicken?What is the Zulu word for snake?What is the French word for hand?Just by connecting these words in a silly mind movie you have learned fourteen foreign words. You can use this method to remember hundreds of foreign words if you use the SEE principle. Remember you are only connecting two concepts at a time. If you imagine it for a few seconds it will stick in your memory and it will be easy to recall if you need it.

You can even use this method to remember all the countries and capitals. You just need to bring the information to life.The capital of Australia is Canberra, you can imagine a Kangaroo (represents Australia) eating a can of berries (Canberra) and the two will stick together making it more memorable.The capital of Greece is Athens. Imagine eight hens (sounds like Athens) swimming in Greece.The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. Imagine a Mad gas car crashing into your friend Ann, who is tanning on a river.

The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Imagine Brussels sprouts falling out of a bell doing gym (Belgium.)Make a silly picture and really SEE it and you can remember all the capitals with ease.

The greatest secret of a powerful memory is to bring information to life with your endless imagination. Take responsibility for your memory. You can only learn to control your memory when you become the source of your imagination. Memory is not a thing that happens to you; you create your memories. You can make any information into something more meaningful. When we start using the memory systems you will see how easy it is to convert abstract information into meaningful concepts. Using all these memory methods improves your creativity, enhances your memory and your humor too.


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