writers use pure imagination to show their own creativity in their work that
otherwise most likely would not have been even a thought to anyone else. Other
writers use facts, solid evidence, and proven information to inform the readers
of their work. And then there are writers who use their own personal
experiences to show a certain perspective to the people who don’t understand.
There are many important events that’s happened in our world’s past. But the
holocaust is one of the most darkest and sad times. Survivors from the
Holocaust were forever effected by this mass killing. Elie Wiesel is a very
well-known spokesperson for what happened during the holocaust, in his book he
shares his personal experience and how it affected him during the holocaust. Because
of the many lives lost and the many lives ruined during its time the holocaust
will forever be written about by writers everywhere.   Adolf Hitler was the dictator and leader of the German army.
Hitler believed that he was created to rid the world of Jews. Almost six
million Jews died as a result of his prejudice during this time. At the start
of the war Hitler and his Nazi party created and put into action many laws and
regulations to separate Jews from society. In 1933 Hitler began a boycott of
Jewish businesses that spread all over the country. Jews were decided not to be
allowed in state service. There was a limit to how many Jewish students could
attend school and how many Jews could work in major careers such as medicine,
legal, taxes ,even acting in the theater and films were banned. The marriage of
Jewish Germans and non-Jewish citizens were prohibited. In 1936 Germany hosted
the winter and Summer Olympics. During this time the Nazi party put their
movement against the Jews to avoid being criticized. After the Olympics the terror
got even worse. Hitler and his Nazi party completely banned Jews from doing
anything. Nazis started burning down synagogues and destroyed Jewish homes,
schools, and work places. Now Jewish children and adults with disabilities were
sent to concentration camps along with homosexuals which Nazi’s thought of as a
disease. Concentration camps were built to contain and later kill Jews. In the
concentration camps Jews were forced to build more camps and were starved and
tortured. When brought to the camps families and friends were separated from
each other. Babies were thrown into flames, there were screams of the Jews
being tortured, and there was the stench of burning flesh. The living
conditions were absolutely the worst they could get. April 30, 1945, Hitler and
his wife of one day committed suicide in fear of losing the war and being
captured. About a week later Germany Surrendered and that marked the end of the
holocaust and the end of an enormous tragedy. The holocaust affected many
people’s lives. There are Nazi officers who will never be able to forgive
themselves. There are the emotions the story in itself will provoke to the
billions of people who will learn the history of it. And then there are some
survivors that will never be able to forget the horrors they saw and experienced.  Elie Wiesel is one of the world’s most famous
holocaust writer. He wrote based on personal experience. The holocaust gave him
a new perspective on spirituality and the ignorance of humanity. Wiesel was
forever scarred from his time in Auschwitz, but he took that past and began a
new future by writing and letting the world know what really happened to people
in these camps. In 1956, Wiesel published his book, Knight. In his book Wiesel writes about his time in Auschwitz with
his father. When German troops stormed the ghetto Elie and his family were
living in at the moment they loaded them in a cabin car to be taken to a camp.
Upon their arrival Elie and his father were separated from his mother and
sisters who were sent to a different camp. He had witnessed babies being thrown
in open flame and the smell of the burning flesh of other Jews during his first
couple days at the camp. At this point Elie is having a very difficult time
trusting and believing in God, someone he was so confident in and devoted to
his whole life. During his time at camp he had to undergo surgery for an
inflamed foot. Soon after the Wiesels and other Jews were forced to move camps
by walking nonstop in the snow because Russian forces were moving too close to
their camp. The people who could not keep up were shot and left for dead. When
they arrive at the new camp Elie tries to nurse his father back to health who
had fallen ill on the trip there. Unfortunately Elie’s father dies do to
sickness, lack of nutrition, and torture. Elie along with his infected foot is
also sick by food poisoning and starts to envision himself as a corpse. On
April 11 the allies came to the aid of the survivors. Through all his time in
the concentration camps he went through a spiritual battle with God. Elie
questioned if he were really there and if he were why would he let this evil
happen. The holocaust was a big part of Elie’s life, he will forever be
affected and influenced by it.       The
holocaust is something that will forever be written about by authors
everywhere. Whether it be by authors like Elie who were survivors or by someone
simply wanting to bring awareness to the history of it. The holocaust affected
not just Germany but the countries surrounding, the survivors, and the people
touched by the tragedy, the holocaust will continue to affect many cultures and
government today as world leaders do their best to never let such an event
happen again. The poems, novels, memoirs, movies, pictures, and speeches
written have reached the hearts of citizens from all over the world and
continue to today. 


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