Solar Power: An Eternal Source of EnergySolar energy actually indicates to the energy stored in sunlight. And when this energy is converted into electrical energy, it will be considered as solar power. Actually sun is a powerful source of energy and this energy can be utilized as solar power. With the passage of time, solar power is gradually becoming the main energy source for the underdeveloped and developing countries.

Solar power will definitely be one of the main aspects that will accelerate the digitalization process of civilization.There was a time when solar power was thought to be expensive and less efficient. Thats why people hardly concentrated on this matter. But when the world needed more power sources, experts turn their attention to renewable energy from the non-renewable ones.

And so solar energy was given high priority in this context. By this time it has been proved to be extremely beneficial and efficient having more advantages.There are both advantages and disadvantages when the fact is the usage of solar power. The great advantage of solar power is its renewability. In every field where one needs electricity production, solar power can play a vital role.

Solar power is usually stored by establishing solar panel. Solar panel is a such kind of device that uses photovoltaic effect to generate power. It can store solar power for a long period of time. But the main obstacle for this energy is that it is weather dependent.Technological development will find a new era by the usage or solar power. Modern world has already started using solar power in different factors.

Our country is also keeping pace with them. More and more solar panels are being established in every sectors like- garments factory, agricultural sectors and so on. Now in almost every rural family where there was no sign of electricity, solar panel is performing that task.

They are now enjoying their lives a bit better than before.Though there are some drawbacks as like- high cost, weather dependence, covering large area solar power has become a trending issue for energy production. The more globalization will happen, demand of this energy will increase at a high rate. Thats why more sectors have to ensure the usage of this eternal energy to minimize the environmental pollution and increase the rate of development.


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