SOFTWAREENGINEERING: A BRIEF INSIGHT OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE                       AYOBAMIADEYEMI (16/2934) SEMINAR  JANUARY 19, 2018 SUPERVISOR: DR. OLOYEDECO-SUPERVISOR: DR. ADEYEMI      INTRODUCTIONThe placeof AI in the era of technology cannot be overemphasized. From virtualassistants to self- driving cars, there has nothing been more rampant than AIspreading itself in the digital space.  While science fiction often portrays AI as robots withhuman-like characteristics, AI can encompass anything as simple as searchalgorithms all the way to aviation Artificial intelligence(AI) is built to simulatethe reasoning of humans.

The devices are controlled by computer systems andthese systems are programmed in a way to learn, analyze and adapt. Digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri , along with Tesla’s Autopilot, are all powered by AI. Some forms of AIcan create visualart or write songs. The objective of this paper is to look at variousinsightful facts about AI and how it will reshape the future.

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LITERATURE REVIEWThere’s little question that AI can bringabout revolutionary change. According to British computer scientist “a computerdeserves to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing itwas human” (Turing,1950), So what is intelligence? Intelligenceis the ability of:·     understanding·     abstract thought·     communication·     reasoning·     learning·     planning·     problem solving Acomputer which exhibits the features of intelligence is said to be an AI. Thatsaid, the term “artificial intelligence” coined by John McCarthy is defined as” The science and engineering of making intelligentmachines, especially intelligent computer programs” (McCarthy, 1956).Artificial intelligence can also be said to be enablingcomputer devices to exhibit the reasoning of humans. These computer devices areprogrammed in a unique way, which allows for them to analyze, learn and adaptto any given environment. It criticallyexamines human behavior in the problem solving process and then makes judgementaccordingly.

The ability to adapt and decide is embedded into AI so that smartdecisions can be taken in any given situation. AI can be broken down into twoforms, machine learning and deep learning.·     Machine Learning: Machinelearning provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve fromexperience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on thedevelopment of computer programs that can access data and use it learn forthemselves. Atypical example of machine learning is  diagnosing depression based on speech patterns.·     Deeplearning: Deep learningrequires a complex architecture that mimics a human brain’s neural networks inorder to make sense of patterns, even with noise, missing details, and othersources of confusion. While the possibilities of deep learning are vast, so areits requirements: you need big data, and tremendous computing power.SUMMARY OF FINDINGS Artificial Intelligencecuts across various fields of technology, the essentials of work together toproduce a smarter and better way to interact with a computer device.

AI uses upmassive amounts of data in order to carry out given tasks. Take cars forexample, data about traffic has to be collected for smart navigation. At thesame time, a lot of sensors come into play when using the intelligent cruisefeature or the terrain detectors.    BENEFITS OF AI·      Incredible precision,accuracy, and speed.·      Replace humans inrepetitive, tedious tasks·      They can think logicallywithout emotions, making rational decisions with less or no mistakes.DRAWBACKS OF AI·      Can cost a lot of money andtime to build, rebuild, and repair·      Humans can become toodependent on AI and lose their mental capacities.

·      AI as robots can supersedehumans, enslaving us.DEVELOPMENTIn the field of automobiles, features thatassist drivers without completely taking control of the wheel such asintelligent cruise control has already been introduced, this feature unlike theoriginal cruise control actually adjusts the speed of the car constantly bydetermining the kind of terrain, the weather conditions of the environment andthe nearby cars. At the same time, many of these automobile companies have includedAI based safety features such as collision avoidance systems while parking and automaticbraking.

Further developments in the area of self-driving cars arepoised to make driving a thing of the past. AI can also be found in smartphones. Inmany android phones, google Photos uses AI and machine learning to identifyobjects or human faces and group the ones with common elements and the samefaces into specific folders automatically. Moreover, messaging on smartphones usesAI and language processing tools to understand how a user converses withfriends and built in personal assistant on the messenger. This is done by identifyingthe unique context and tense construction of the user in a previous message soit can provide accurate suggestions.

Because of this typing is made easy onsmartphones. Furthermore, AI can be found in digital assistants;digital assistants are cloud-based programs which require internet connecteddevices or applications to function. examples of such applications include Sirion apple devices and Cortana on Microsoft devices. There are also devices whichprovide digital assistance, the most common one by amazon is called Alexa. withAlexa, users are able to use simple language requests like “what is the time”or “play jazz music”. In addition, AI can also be found ingaming.

Current generations of computer and video games offer much more complexenvironments with expertly developed, stable, physics based simulation. Machinelearning techniques allow games to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of aplayer, or to learn from their opponents by imitating their tactics. A pureexample of this is witnessed in football games which provide a wide range ofdifficulty levels that adapt to the users’ gameplay. Artificiallyintelligent shopping assistants could even change the waywe shop.CONCLUSIONIn a nutshell, Artificialintelligence is a pivot for major technological advancement, a lot of gadgetsuse AI for better interaction and simplicity. If tech experts are to be believed, artificialintelligence (AI) has the potential to transform the world. But thosesame experts don’t agree on what kind of effect that transformation willhave on the average person.

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