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 Fredrick Douglass was an African-American slave who had his dignity taken away from him due to multiple occasions. He got whipped almost regularly and had his rights seized once he got enslaved. However, Fredrick’s resistance, determination, and courage were the key to the process of him regaining his dignity.      The first factor that helped Douglass

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Slavery has been thewicked phenomena in the world. Slavery is very unnatural and aggravates mixedoutlooks from the perspective of every person. Some of the people still faceslavery in the present times. Other people do not necessarily understand that aperson can treat another individual as a slave. In definition, slavery is oneof the first forms of

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Susan B. is a historical figure in everyone’s life and wasn’t afraid to conquer the unthinkable. Things most people throw to the side or is fine with and this is women’s rights, she believed in women’s rights and there was nothing that was going to stop her or get in her way. She was known

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U-Haul International, located in Phoenix, AZ has sent a cease anddesist letter to Gregory Sledge, 53, who’s an Army veteran andis company owner of “Veterans Moving Help” in Gainesville, Fl., alleging thatSledge’s use of the slogans, “moving help” and “moving helpers” violates U-Haul’strademark use, the Stars and Stripes reported.U-Haul further stated that they want him to shut down his website,,

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In 1666, three-fourths of the great city of London was nearly burned to the ground. This disaster came to be known as the Great Fire of London. One of the main reasons this great fire happened is because the citizens of London weren’t keeping their chimneys cleaned properly. After this awful happening, the people of


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