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Indiahas taken impressive strides on the industrial front by producing high-techpower transmission equipment during the last few decades. Much of the credit goesto companies like Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd (DPIL) that form thebackbone of the Indian economy. Amit Bhatnagar, the Managing Director of DPILsays, “The Company has aligned with the ‘new vision’ for transforming a

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Load bearing wall or Not? Does your home feel small, and you are not clear whether or not you are able to remove a wall? How would you know which wall you should get rid of?What is the difference between them?Should you try to get rid of it yourself?The answer is simple.Load-bearing walls are a component of

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3.1 Description of ThreatCauses of ThreatThird-Party Software Vulnerabilitieso   The more third-party software the company uses, the greater the attack surface, it increases the risks of being attacked because third party software are maintained and developed by external companies, so when a vulnerability is discovered, patching of the vulnerability may take a long time, so an

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As IT infrastructures grows larger and larger and each day,more people and companies use various IT systems. Of course, users want thattheir important data would be private and secure. It could be done by dataencryption. Encryption is a process, which encodes message of information thatother unauthorized party can’t decode. Encryption keys are used for this

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Features & TechnologiesThe transportation of crude oil by vessel was originated approximately1850. The first oil tankers were single hull twosail-driven tankers. In the early 1970s a Very Large Crude Carrier(VLCC) may have taken two years to build and in today modest VLCC can be builtin eight to nine months. In this time too, hundredsof crude

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TORT LAW SUMMATIVEIn this essay I will be considering the claims of Bill, PC Kean and Edward who are all seeking damages in Negligence for psychiatric illness.BILL V POWERPLUS PLCTo begin with, the issue here is whether or not Bill can seek damages for negligence for psychiatric illness.  As shown in Chadwick v British Railway

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In other words, cloud computing offersusers the ability to benefit from available resources anywhere using any devicecapable of accessing a cloud platform in the easiest way possible. Using cloudcomputing, a user does not only benefit from storage services but also from theavailability of tasks such as sharing files, pictures, documents, gettingaccess to different programs and

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Network Programmability is a topicthat I find much interest in and isrelated to my area of study. According to Gooley and Tischer (2016), “Networkprogrammability is a set of tools to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot a networkdevice” (p.3). This topic is of particularly interested to me as I am anaspiring Network Engineer who sees network programmability

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Introductie        Jehebt een of meer datacenters in eigen beheer of je hebt je eigen infrastructuurondergebracht in een extern datacenter. Je hebt te maken met aflopendecontracten of met verouderde hardware. Een goed moment om dedatacenterstrategie herzien.  Cloudzou hierbij (een deel van) de oplossing kunnen zijn. Echter, een eventueletransitie naar de cloud kan meerdere jaren in beslag nemen

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To begin with, the issue here is whether or notBill can seek damages for negligence for psychiatric illness.  As shown in Chadwickv British Railway Board1,to claim for psychiatric illness, the claimant has to show a recognisedmedical condition usually caused by shock. In this case, Bill’s depression is arecognised medical condition induced by the shock of Annie


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