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During the Conservative governments of 1979-1997, there were no major constitutional changes, apart from those produced due to membership of the European Community and by agreements with the Irish Republic over Northern Ireland.. When Labour gained power in 1997, they introduced quite a few reforms in their time until 2010. Some of these were reforms

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  With this in mind, theunderrepresentation of women in relation to the justice argument begins bystating that it is “biased for men from popular groups to dominaterepresentation, specifically in modern democracies” (Lovenduski, 2005). For example, Liberal Democrats”in 2001 the took on a 40 percent target of female applicants, and at the sametime declined all-women shortlisted” (Quota project ,

According UN peacekeeping mission (MINUSCA). UK aid also

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) more than 2.5 million persons in CAR will probably need humanitarian assistance in 2018, 545.5k are being refugees and 633.3k are traced as Internally Displaced People in the Central African Republic. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has an effective contribution

In The Declaration on the Principles Governing Democratic

In Africa, one of the major conflicts thatcauses unrest is election. Theoretically and in a general sense, a change ofgovernment ought to be conducted through the ballot boxes by means of free andfair election and not through violence and political unrest.  Charters, Conventions and Declarations havebeen adopted to ensure the conduct of free and fair

Women off as children or women are trafficked

Womenrights can be defined as the human rights of women. The equality of rights hasbeen a major concern when it comes to minority groups that are oftenunderprivileged and this accounts for one of the reasons why human rightsdocuments continually lay emphasis and highlight the importance of all people,including women, minority ethnic and religious groups, having

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The topic ofDemocratization in China is widely speculated on, with strong argumentssupporting both sides. China’s economy is rapidly growing and is becoming anincreasingly strong participant among its democratic competitors. The result ofgrowing economy and being a world power is the expectation of following Westerncounterparts and democratizing. The argument of democratization of China isalso backed by


The term Naxalites comes from Naxalbari, a small village in West Bengal, where a section of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) led by Charu Majumdar, Kanu Sanyal and Jangal Santhal initiated a violent uprising in 1967. On May 18, 1967, the Siliguri Kishan Sabha, of which Jangal was the president, declared their readiness


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