Sociology is the study of human society and our behavior. That being said, it relates to all decisions we make for ourselves and the earth.

All problems we face can be solved through the use of sociology, the problem is that we are too quick to turn it down as a real science and move onto people we believe are more qualified such as biologists who can provide us with a more definite answer as opposed to what seems to be just ideology.As Babbie pointed out one of the biggest problems we face is rapid population growth. While there are ways we can prevent the number of children being born such as condoms or birth control they don’t seem to be solving our issue. What we need to do is educate people all over the world like the Population Media Center is doing. Education is significant for everyone, specifically women.

If women are educated then they are more likely to be cautious about the age they marry and be more considerate of the number of children they give birth to. This has proven true in countries like Bangladesh where the average number of children per family is only 2.2 as opposed to five children only six years ago. This is due to women in the village educating other women and providing different forms of birth control. Another way to utilize women in the fight against overpopulation is to change the way society views them.

In many countries, women are viewed as inferior to men and their ideas aren’t taken seriously even though they may provide the solution we need.Our population is the driving force behind some of our extreme environmental problems. Because there are now more people in the world we have to use more resources in order to accommodate the needs of everyone. Today our resources are now being used faster than they are being replaced. As we continue to grow resources such as water, fossil fuels, and arable land, which are all very important are being depleted. The scarcity of important resources has caused a lot of tension and conflict especially in developing countries where they don’t have immediate access to important resources such as food and water like we do in the U.S.

Once again, the role of women could come into play here in these countries. In many developing countries, it is not common for women to be farmers and those who are usually don’t receive the same benefits that men do such as agricultural loans. If we were to begin educating women and teaching them about farming poor countries would begin to see drastic improvements.

Not only would there be more food available, there would also be jobs available for these women to earn money for their family.The majority of the environmental problems we face can be connected through their relationship to economics. As the economy is improving it isn’t uncommon to see increased environmental damage as a result typically in the form of air, land and water pollution. We consume and throw away a lot of materials at a very fast rate and as the demand for these items increases so does the amount of pollutants, land use, and deforestation.

Richer countries typically consume more and cause more ecological damage which burdens poor nations. The problem is that the majority of the money in the world is in the hands of the minority so only a few people in the world get to make decisions for everyone else. People need to begin being more conscientious about the way they are living especially those who have more money to spend, even something as simple as recycling could help more than people realize. Once again it is education comes into play with this problem.While we may not be able to use sociology to directly solve a problem it can help us to figure out what the problem is and possible solutions to the problem. We have many environmental problems and in order to solve them we need changes to our ways of thinking and accept that we may need to make alterations to our lifestyle for the greater good of the environment even though it may be inconvenient.



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