Social media has measurable effects on the emotional and psychological world of teens who use the forums and its impact is huge. It has an underlying issue behind the this minority of socially estranged people lamenting the fact that real emotional connection isn’t part of friendship.An emotional connection and intimacy are parts of friendships that are expected, when looking for a friend you are not doing it for attention. Teenagers growing up on social media think a connection with someone is if the two people are online mutuals or in real life interaction, whether it is classmates who drink together to following each other back. There is never any friendships deeper than that, and now that teens are older and lonely, they assume the thing they want exists beyond our society.In this country our social views are messed up and it’s guaranteed the friendships teens develop are much deeper and more varied as a concept than they have come to believe.

Friends are supposed to be there for everything, from 4 am talks to dinners together. Its normal for friends to do this, however with today’s day and age social media has completely destroyed the concept of friendship by inputting false information into a teenagers mind. Such as buzzfeeds various quizzes telling teens who they are and their personalities based off of foods.Social media is a brand, which stars promote to their audiences of mainly teens, thus affecting the entirety of their thinking process. Teens have a difficulty understanding the concept of brainwashing, they seem to understand it when it is their teachers tricking them and using bias’ but when it comes to social media they are completely oblivious. They run with the mainstreams thinking they have their own voice but follow the crowd when attacking someone without the full story, for example the H&M media scandal regarding the sweater that said “coolest monkey in the jungle” displayed on a young coloured boy. It brought an uprising with everyone in social media and ultimately lead to a huge misunderstanding, people were not only blaming the company but also the employees, trashing multiple stores in South America.

This lead to H&M shutting down their stores in concern for the safety of their employees. The employees who work for a living now didn’t have a job because of a sweater, yet where are all these people when literal Political people need to be called out? They are behind screens sending retweets and likes in support of someone else’s opinion but never having an actual opinion of their own.The negative impact is huge and can be discussed in multiple ways, like why and how teenagers feel that it’s okay to trash their employers online thinking they won’t get caught because its a large world no one knows anything. Its degrading to the people who decided to hire them and this just gets egged on by these random twitter followers hyping up the post with comments and likes.

It makes the teenager a bad person when they may have at one point be a good person. It seems that teenagers think everything is a joke until someone gets seriously hurt and certain social media stars do nothing to hinder that thought process. An example of this would be youtube famous Logan Paul who recently uploaded a video in Japan’s suicide forest of a man hanging dead from a tree, as if this was not insensitive enough he laughs and discussing depression as though that was his entire plan in the first place. Like “Hey! Here’s a dead body, don’t be depressed because it is easily cured haha.” He then released an apology, which was late and said that he was sorry because he is young. There is a limit to how young one person can be, especially when his followers are mainly young girls who look up to him. At the same time teenagers seem to understand that having their real names on their accounts are something that can get caught, as stated in “The Secret Social Media Lives of Teenagers”.

“Many teens use shortened versions of their names or aliases for finsta accounts, which they often see as an opportunity to share a less edited, less filtered version of their lives.” Through these platforms they gather courage to insult people and become bullies, targeting anyone they are jealous of. Social media brings out the negative in anyone, causing people to laugh at things they normally wouldn’t such as “memes” which if discussed in real life would be a laughing stock to everyone, yet on social media it is embrassed.


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