Social media begins to show good orbad effects on people first, then their psychology and behavior, along with thechanging individuals, appear to change in sociological, psychological andcultural characteristics in society, either in good or bad way. According to experts,2.

5 billion people in the world use the internet and 1.8 billion of them aresocial media users. The use of social media in Turkey is over 35 million.Social media use is 2.5 hours on average per day.These figures are an indication ofhow serious the use of the internet and the use of social media by people inour country is. Everyone from 7 to 70 everywhere; either online from personalcomputers or mobile phone our online.

As such, people can easily share theirmoods, joys, sorrows, and places they are in on many platforms. When socialmedia is used consciously, we can say that there are many benefits. The use ofsocial media positively influences people’s ability to express themselves anddemonstrate their competence. It is also a fact that it is beneficial to solvea problem. Following new developments and up-to-date news, accessingeducational videos and articles is also a big social media advantage. In thesefactors, people will develop themselves and make individuals feel comfortablein the psychological direction by expressing themselves better.With the development of technology,social media, which enables us to communicate faster, gives us infinite freedomin this regard.

Almost anywhere we want, we can communicate voice or video frommany channels without a single key. Waiting for hours to connect to a relativebeforehand, mankind has almost eliminated the problem of communication byskipping an era with such a wonderful development in technology. With thesedevelopments, we can send a single message to hundreds of people in our friendslist at the same time on special occasions such as birthdays, New Year’s,national holidays and religious festivals.Previously, when there was a development of a social issue, everyone in thecommunity spent a long time until they became aware of the issue. However, withsocial media, no matter what, where, and where, everyone can have instantinformation about the subject, and the reactions given to the topic happen atthe same moment. This increases the awareness of becoming a society as well asinsulting society. This shows that our culture changes wince the way wecommunicate changes.  Effects of Social Media on CultureAlong with the development of technology, people’s point of view of lifechanges as well.

especially with the use of the internet, the chances of easyaccess to information are effecting as well as improving people’s lives. Thereare many advantages and disadvantages of social media to culture. The damagesof social media can be summarized as follows: Thesocial media has increased the cult of gossip.Expandedthe size of treachery Socialmedia is increasing the lies, people can be someone else.Youcan easily say anything you cannot say while talking face to face with someoneelse.Youleave the dirt out of hand. You are giving information that you will nevergive.

We read murder, rape, blackmail news that started on the third pages ofthe newspapers because they met on the internet. New crimes are made up.Itis legal to protect against internet crimes, and there is a need for rules tolearn how to protect ourselves.Asthe popularity increases, the number of friends increases, the number offollowers increases. Popularity is an important driving force in friendship. Thesefriendships are not realExcessivesharing has entered the social media and dictionary.Languageis damagedIncreasesloneliness.

Withsocial media it is easy to start riotsNewrisks such as disruption of workplace employees, sharing company informationetc.Internationalcultural boundaries are lost and this effects valuable cultural heritage. Social media also has beneficial effect to society, such as: Socialmedia has pioneered the creation of many businesses and provided employment formanyProvidesa streamlined flow of information and news, in a cost-effective and easy way,since it is a very fast communication resource.Thanksto social media, people’s voice is heard in all areas, and social projectsbring bigger voice.Wehave the opportunity to access any kind of information instantly.Communicationof people with their spouses, relatives and friends has become quite easy.

Especially when two people live in different countries.Peopleare provided with easier access to job postings.Thee-commerce system has developed and people are starting to shop online. Positivesharing of feeling and thoughts has positive results.

Critical AnalysisAlthough the concept of social mediais still developing, it has been easily accepted by the masses. Knowledgerequires immediate acceptance of every emerging technological phenomenon. Justlike technological advances, social media and virtual developments are quicklyadopted by individuals. But the frequent and sudden change of lifestyles bringwith it many individual and social problems. The most important of theindividual problems is that they cannot be controlled. Especially, parents who cannotfollow the technology step-by-step are in need of detailed study on socialmedia to control over children. When social media and virtual networks are usedconsciously and controlled, they can be an excellent tool for individuals to reachtheir goals in their lives.

However if not controlled can be devastating toculture especially for young people. Social media is an important mediumfor individuals to follow the world and the countries more closely, tounderstand the different aspects and opinions in the face of the developmentsand to adopt the closest idea to the truth. But a virtual network that is useddifferently can be a waste of time and also cultural damage. In this situation,as we have already mentioned, will prepare a new generation that is notconnected to the realities of life. Social media is deeply wounded fromthe individual point of view, and these openings are of course influencing thegeneral public. But to say that starting from there, a social event with socialmedia can start, is to ignore other dynamics within society. When viewed fromthe societal point of view, social media only serves as a junkyard.

It can besaid that the social events are influential in a social movement. Social mediahas to be controlled, the information within social media needs to be valid,accurate and correct. In addition the use of social media by young peopleshould also be controlled to avoid social degeneration. ConclusionDevelopmentsin the field of communication revealed a new media stream called, social media.According to the purpose and content of use, social media types can be listedas blogs, microblogs, wikis, social networks, video sharing networks, voice andmusic sharing networks, location based tools, social marking networks andvirtual worlds.

Their qualities are more interactive, their ability to reachlarge masses is high and their manipulation is open, for this they should bestudied carefully, and controlled not in the way of sanctioning social mediabut validating content and using clear and clean content to be reached bymasses.Socialmedia includes eating and drinking, literature, music, urbanism andarchitecture, design, activities for the benefit of individuals and society, hasbrought together people who were involved in different subcultures. This meansthere is an immense cultural connection worldwide, but it should not beforgotten that individual cultures should also be kept.


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