“Price is strongly affected my satisfaction and my decision before I consider of purchasing a product because my income is not high. I want to spend minimum of my money for the service after sales. The quality of product or service must be having the suitable price for it. I want to receive more price promotion from the brands and that would increase my satisfaction. The lower price is the better satisfaction for me.

“”Price is one of the most important for my satisfaction. I always think about the price before I buy a product or use a service. I prefer the lower price but the products and the services must be still guaranteed. The expensive of price of products and services after sales would reduce my satisfaction.” “Price are not really affected my satisfaction because I am willing to pay the expensive price for the high quality of product and service. If the price is low and the quality of product and service are poor, I will not satisfy. “Almost of all customers said that price has affected their satisfaction despite that there were some people with high income that did not consider price as an important factor for their satisfaction. That was unexpected finding because there are less literature concerned an important of price on customer satisfaction.

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All of the customers agreed that the price that they pay should be appropriate with the products and services.That was included in Darke and Dahl (2003) theory. Furthermore, the suitable price which is judged by the customers can be seen as price fairness. Generally, if price is fair, for example, customers may aware that the producers gain less profit from the products and services which will bring the view of price fairness for customers. Consequently, customers’ satisfaction would be increased (Oliver and Swan, 1989).Most of customers had the same view that lower price would lead to more satisfaction and that was also supported for Zeithaml (1988).The research findings showed that customers may be unable to see price dimension as the managers.

They perceived price satisfaction very simple according to their opinions and experiences. Customers usually prefer price promotion which is offered by the brands and that would enhance their satisfaction. In literature, there were very little debates about price promotion and it important roles of customer satisfaction. The researchers should mention more when they discuss about the impact of price on customer satisfaction.Chapter SummarizedMost of mangers have always concerned about the product quality, service quality and price into their marketing decision in order to satisfy customers.

All of the managers agreed that customer satisfaction is the determination factor for the success of the businesses. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be set as a top priority for business operation. They have considered those three factors as very important factor for retaining customer loyalty and attracting new customers. They insisted that understanding the impact of those three factors and using it in effective ways would improve customer satisfaction.As the research findings found that if the companies want to increase customer satisfaction, they must combine those three factors efficiently in business operation and particularly in marketing decision. Moreover, through research findings, most customers agreed that product quality, service quality and price have an impact on their satisfaction.

Customers always expect the high quality of products and services from the sellers. Generally, the research found that high quality of product and service with suitable price would lead to more satisfy customers. Through the view of mangers and customers, product quality should be known as the most important factor that has an impact on customer satisfaction.CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMENDATIONSIn conclusion, the research project has achieved in investigating the impact of product quality, service quality and price on customer satisfaction. Through the interviews of managers from several car brands and their customers, several of findings and conclusions are drawn. Most of managers and customers agreed that product quality, service quality and price have the huge impacts on customer satisfaction. It is very important that these factors have been contributed great role into business operation and particularly in marketing aspects in order to improve customer satisfaction. The research found that product quality is the most important factor that affects customer satisfaction.

Following the important rank is service quality and then price. Generally, high quality of product and service often lead to high customer satisfaction.Furthermore, low price is also enhances customer satisfaction. In most of empirical studies, the researchers often focus on only product quality and service quality in term of customer satisfaction while there is less concentration on price. This research showed that price is also very important and contributing the great role for customer satisfaction in some cases such as underdevelopment economic countries and low income people.Therefore, in order to be success in business operation or in marketing aspects, we should consider all the impacts of service quality, product quality and price on customer satisfaction. Marketing researchers should consider more about price in customer satisfaction theory in order to improve customer satisfaction.

 When researchers investigate the impacts of product quality and service quality, they should consider suitable prices with the products and services.REFERENCES:Adams, J., Khan, H.

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