so it does not  get worse. The drugs they use all depend on the type of cancer you have. The goal of this is to prevent the diseases to go all around the body.

Radiation is a treatment that contains high energy particles or waves to destroy or damage cancer cells. Radiation can also affect healthy cells but health cells can heal themselves. They are both effective it all depends on what type of cancer you have. It all depends on the tumor size you have and what stage you are. Stage 0 mostly you would just get surgery. Stage 1 the main treatment is also surgery but you can also get lumpectomy.

Stage 2 the first option is to do chemo or hormone therapy. Stage 3 theses ae treat with chemo (neoadjuvant chemo). Stage 4 surgery or radiation but they main treatment is systemic therapy. This type of cancer is treatable. Cancer research is very important and you need to know.

It it  so important even the targeted population for cancer and screening intervention is healthy people. All these people are looking about the symptoms and what causing cancer. That why we have all these websites books magazines doctors educate us on what cancer is . cancer has become such an affected disease over time that people just want to know more and more on what’s going on with them and what they need to know. Every year doctors and lab workers are thinking of new treatments. There are a breakthrough in oncology research and cancer treatment.

Sadly theses treatments can take years to develop.   Theses are some that are being tested right now. Radiation therapy is still being tested and how it can improve. Hyperthermia therapy is an experimental form of cancer therapy that utilizes localized or whole body of the heart. Gene therapy is the introduction of enzymes into cancerous cells that make them susceptible to particular chemos agents into the kidneys. People are beating cancer today than ever before. Survival has doubled in the last 40 years. And half of people diagnosed will survive their cancer for more than 10 years, an all-time high.

Yes cancer has increased but the treatments that’s they are coming out with will make a huge improvement in society today. There over 100s of treatments for all different kinds of cancer. What we can do is find more ways be can defeat cancer and know why we get cancer.My closing thoughts of male breast cmacer is how afective it is.

People just normal it affects women the hardest but it also affects men in a very difficult way. I have learned many things and this topic was very intervesting to write about. Its so unique and diffenrt on how this type of cancer reacts diffent to genders. Male breast cancer is very seriouse and salot of treatments are availble for this type of cancer.            


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