So it all starts in Costa Rica when a man appears to be mauled and is flown to the hospital where his last words are “raptor”. Then a young girl is attacked by a three toed lizard that “walks like a bird” and from that point on, you could get the sense that something was going on. Millionaire John Hammond owns a remote island where he genetically engineers dinosaurs and raises them up. He asks Doctors Grant and Sattler to come to his island to check the safety of it. Unfortunately from the get go things began to spiral out of control as one would expect. One of Hammond’s own technology employees has been scheming to steal embryos to compete with Hammond’s dinosaur industry. So when the team of doctors arrive to look at the island, he shuts off the power and steals some embryos. However, this shutting off the power allows for many dinosaurs to escape their cages, including the T-Rex and the Raptors. Funny enough, nerdy, the guy who stole the embryos, was the first to die. The kids, Hammonds grandkids, are with the two doctors for the majority of the story because they are thrown out of the car by the T-Rex. Realizing the raptors are lose, Muldoon takes the initiative and orders Arnold to go turn the power back on. They all try to distract the raptors from Arnold so he can make it to the building with the power alive, unfortunately the raptors get to him first.Realizing this, Dr. Grant leaves the kids to go get the power back on where they manage to kill the raptors but Dr Wu, the biotechnologist, was killed. Hammond is killed as well. Then the Costa Rican government comes in, rescues the survivors, questions the survivors,and destroys the island completely. I believe College Board recommended this book to AP Biology student because this book covers three scientific principles: Dinosaurs, Chaos Theory, and Molecular Biology. Dinosaurs of cours was the biggest part of the book as many would wonder if cloning dinosaurs was a real possibility. Scientist today have talked about it, argued about it, and wrote about the possibilities of cloning dinosaurs genetically however it has not been done yet. The other scientific aspect of the book is chaos theory. This is the theory that when small changes are made to an initial complex system, drastic changes will result. In this case, when the power was turned off to a very complex system of housing dinosaurs, drastic results occurred which included many deaths. The last major scientific part of the book was molecular biology. The other inserted molecular biology in the book as his bases for studying the cloning of dinosaurs. For these reason I believe College Board recommended this book to AP BIology students.This book impacted me because I have always enjoyed the Jurassic Park movie series. So to see that there was a book out there that was as thrilling and interesting as the movie made it very easy to read. Personally I didn’t even know there was a Jurassic Park book until I saw it for extra credit. The book’s impact on me was positive as I have always been very interested in the biotechnology and molecular biology aspects of biology. Reading this book only opened m eye to a greater possibility of what we can do as humans when it comes to one day possibly cloning other species. All in all, the book had a very positive influence on me and will help me continue being interested in biology and all it has to offer.I really did enjoy this book a lot because of its suspense, thrilling nature, and unexpected turnouts. Like I said before the Jurassic Park movies have always been a hit for me. Whether it’s the older ones from the 1990’s or the smash hit one that came out a few years ago Jurassic World. Due to my interest in dinosaurs, the book was good for me the entire way and was easy for me to understand, follow, and enjoy. I do recommend this book to future biology students because it’s not only a fun and easy book to read, but it showcases a lot of major scientific breakthroughs. Even though we all know cloning dinosaurs isn’t real in this day and age, this book is great for AP students to read as it adds another element to higher order thinking.


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