Slavery has been thewicked phenomena in the world. Slavery is very unnatural and aggravates mixedoutlooks from the perspective of every person. Some of the people still faceslavery in the present times. Other people do not necessarily understand that aperson can treat another individual as a slave. In definition, slavery is oneof the first forms of exploitation, where the slave becomes the property of aslave owner.

The book by Harriet Jacobs (2009), “Incidents in the Life of aSlave Girl” provides the description of slavery in America. The author of thebook is the narrator herself in the book and she describes the life as a slave.In the autobiography, she recounts the experiences before she was fled from theslavery and she portrayed the sexual history while she was a slave. Slavery inAmerica was a legal institution of the human chattel enslavement, majorly theAfrican Americans and the Africans who lived in the country in the 18th and19th centuries after the independence of the nation and before the Americancivil war ended. Slavery was practiced in America from the colonial era and itwas legal at the period of the declaration of independence in the year 1776.  Realizationof the slavery             During Harriet early life, she didnot realize that she was a slave and she lived with her father and mother in arelatively secure and comfortable life. They lived together with her extendedfamily.

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This was not common for a number of reasons the first being thatHarriet came from the family which was unclear and she was never treated poorlywhen she was a child. “They lived together in a comfortable home; and, thoughwe were all slaves, I was so fondly shielded that I never dreamed I was a pieceof merchandise, trusted to them for safe keeping, and liable to be demanded ofthem at any moment.” Harriet Jacobs, p. 7. Even though her parents passed awaywhen she was young, the grandmother was the central figure in her life and shewas able to provide her with security, comfort, unrelenting love and moralguidance. When Harriet realized that she was a slave she was startled and whenshe learned that she was never going to reverse this information and she stuckin the psychological trauma of having the knowledge that she was just a pieceof property.

Justificationof slavery               One of the methods which theslaveholders were justifying the slavery was through the enforcing of the claimthat the slaves were not actually human beings. They were barbarous, inferiorand savage is all kinds of ways.  Theslave who thought that he poses the values of tried to inoculate similar valuesin the other slaves was seen dangerous and most oppressed. The father ofHarriet tried to teach his kids that they had their worth but this was againstthe desire of the slaveholder to be able to keep the slaves dumb anddocile.  Benjamin the uncle to Harrietalso proclaimed his self-rule and by refusing to obey the master he waspunished severely. He later runs away so as to escape the situation.

Harrietwas able to mention in the incidents show how Mrs. Flint was shocked that aslave might want to worship, mourn, maintain the social


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