Skin care, an elementary element of basic care,reflects on the quality of care that a patient receives in hospital.

Qualitycare aimed toward preventing and minimizing skin breakdown and pressure ulcershas been known together of the nursing analysis priority.Pressure lesion may bea common downside in nursing apply and entails nice expenses for thepatientsyet as for the health care service. 1            Thepressure that closes capillaries in healthy individuals is 25–32 millimetre ofHg. Once pressure applied to the skin is bigger than this pressure within theanimal tissue, it will impair cellular metabolism. It decreases blood offer tothe tissue and eventually causes tissue anaemia, this reduction in blood flowcauses blanching of the skin. The longer the pressure lasts, the bigger is thatthe risk of skin breakdown and development of pressure lesion.

2 Pressure ulcers area unit a standard, painful and dearcondition. Results of a 1991 study into the information among Dutch hospitalnurses on the utility of measures to forestall pressure ulcers showed moderateinformation. Results were confirmed by future studies. 3           “NationalPressure lesion informatory Panel” (NPUAP) of the us of America definesPressure lesion as ‘lesions caused by undiminished pressure against softtissues, sometimes over the bony prominences. Risk issue for pressure lesionembrace wetness, organic process deficits, shear, stress, friction, alterationsin quality etc. 4             Theycause nice pain and square measure a supply of great general unwellness in someand seriously impair health in different systems. They cause additional workfor nursing employees and also are the reason for feelings of guilt anddistress.

They delay different patients care by a protracted keep in hospital,typically 10-12 weeks for a grade four ulcer. 5    2        Rosemary Crow expressed that despite the mass of data on pressure sores,nurses square measure still failing to reply to the challenge of theirpreventive. For those that concerned in patient care, the important challengeof pressure sores is to prevent them showing within the 1st place. 5


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