Since theestablishment of Milliken & Comp in 1865, safety has been embraced andbecoming a mantra to all employees in the company. Milliken successful safetyrecord can be attributed to the following approach embarked by the management.

High Employee EngagementMilliken has a high employee engagement for its world-classoccupational safety program where a survey shows that 80% of 7000 Miliken’semployees in more than 39 countries has positive engagement level. For acompany with presence all across the globe, the high rate of positiveengagement level is an extraordinary achievement which qualified Milliken asone of the safest companies to work with its extraordinarily low workplaceillness and injury rates.  Involvement-BasedEmployee EngagementA program called Involvement-Based Employee Engagement is the mostprominent component in the company where various levels of employees areinvolved in the program’s improvement plan. This includes submitting”opportunity for improvement’ suggestions on a weekly basis, review and providefeedback upon receiving it. By getting the employees’ involvement, theywill feel obliged to ensure the success of the program while also taking pride of theircontributions. StructuredCascading GoalsThe safety program in Milliken is very structured and aligned withfederal, state, and the company’s owned safety guidelines. The goals areeffectively communicated to all employees throughout the company via weeklysafety meeting.  EmployeeEmpowermentTo improve its employee engagement, Milliken’s safety program empowersthe employees by equipping them with adequate knowledge about OSHA safetyregulations, give and receive safety comments, provide “constructive feedback”as well as “appreciative feedback” when observing their peers doing their taskssafely.

  SystematicTracking SystemAt Milliken, the employees are trained to use their safety trackingmechanism that helps to ensure all safety suggestions, audit findings or othersafety agenda items are tracked and finalized by giving it a name, date and theperson in charge of that safety item. The successful implementation of thetracking system has helped Milliken to keep track issues pertaining safety atthe company efficiently. PerformanceManagementMilliken takes employees contributions towards a safe workplaceseriously by measuring their involvement in the safety program. For instance,the employees’ contributions are quantified when they served as safetysubcommittees, being a trainer or safety subject matter expert or performingsafety audits.

This performance measurement will ensure employees will not taketheir responsibility lightly.  EmployeeAppreciationMilliken’s recognizes its employees’ contributions towards a safeworkplace via formal events to celebrate all the efforts undertaken throughoutthe year. An example of the celebration is by having “cheerleaders” providesafety cheers as engineers enter the plant. By having such celebration, itcreates a positive vibe among the employees thus creating ahealthy relationship amongst them.


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