Since I was a child I have had an ambition to set up my own international company. My previousexperience in business started by selling stationery in a boarding house. This progressed toselling phone cases online.However, I believe that In order to reach my goal in the future Ineed to gain more knowledge. A Business management course is a perfect way of expanding mylearning to know more about all aspects of business management.At the moment I’m studying the BTEC extended diploma at the college. I have chosen BTEC as inmy future I am planning to become an entrepreneur or to work for an international company andwith BTEC I have gained a strong basic understanding of Business. Moreover, BTEC helped me toimprove my independent research skills. This will be extremely useful at University as most ofthe work has to be done independently. Also I have developed my team working skills andleadership; I demonstrated these skills by participating in a group presentation for a studentChristmas party. I have worked in a range of different roles and I found being the team leaderthe most suitable for me as it I enjoy being in control of decision making. I haveparticularly enjoyed studying marketing, I carried out primary and secondary market researchin order to produce a justified marketing mix. For unit 1 I compared the economic, political,legal and social factors in the UK and Russia and their impact on a business; this widened myunderstanding of business within the economic environment.In my spare time I enjoy reading and watching the news . I am especially interested in hi-techcompanies like Apple and Google. In the future I would like to work in an international hitech company like this to gain experience. Furthermore, I like reading non-fiction books.Atthe moment I am reading “intelligent investor” by Benjamin Graham. I have read biographies offamous successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Donald Trump.They inspired me to workharder as they show in order to achieve your potential you have to be hardworking, resilientand driven.I decided to study at a UK’s university as they have the highest international studentexperience satisfaction in the world. Also, in order to set up an international company I needto develop my communication skills with people from different cultural backgrounds. Myuniversity experience in UK will be extremely useful for my success in the future. I have beenstudying in the UK for 6 years, which has given me resilience, independent and the ability tomix with other nationalities, which will be useful skills for university.For my hobbies I enjoy playing sports.In my previous schools I used to take part in thecompetitions for Football,Rugby,Hockey,Cricket and Swimming. I was captain of my schoolfootball team in Russia which improved my leadership and communication skills. I hope tocontinue taking part in the university sports life as it is impossible to succeed without teamplay, and I believe the same iis true n business. I currently go to the gym regularly to behealthier and more energetic. Also,I am interested in Computer Science, which I studied inRussia as I believe it will play a significant role in business in the future. This will helpme to study Management information systems, which are vital to business decision making.For work experience last summer I have worked as a waiter in my hometown for one month.Thishas helped me to understand how a restaurant business operates and I improved my communicationand team working skills.In conclusion, I am really excited to start the next chapter of my life studying a businessmanagement degree at university. My experience to date, together with the experiences I hopeto gain at university will provide me the best opportunity to fulfill my ambitions.


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