Sincemany years, Microsoft has been serving its users with many innovations in whichMicrosoft SharePoint is one of them. Microsoft SharePoint brings a new methodto work in a collective manner through different functions. Basically, it is onthe browser which is collaborating with the management of the documents.

Thisplatform is provided by Microsoft. By using Microsoft SharePoint, you can createa center through which you can share the documents with the groups and protectthem by password. Further, these documents can be edited, stored, downloadedand uploaded for sharing. It is the framework which is full of resources andscalable to deploy as the content management system in the organizations.Tospeed up the initiatives of your organization, mqstech ‘s Microsoft SharePoint services will help you in decisionmaking, providing centralized information, accessibility through multipledevices and data security. Mqstech willhelp you in setting up the server applications with extreme flexibility. Oursolutions of SharePoint will assist you in cooperating with content managementsystem through your each and every business sites and portals.

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Being a leadingprovider of SharePoint services, we will practically plan, implement and handleall the management of your deployment of SharePoint. This will provideenhancement in the productivity and scalability on demand. TheMicrosoft SharePoint services offered by mqstechare as follows: ü  Setting up and developing the portals ü  Development of customized logics of the businessesü  Consultancy of SharePointü  Developing the applications of business processesü  Training and supportü  Customized web parts developmentü  Migrating to different versions of the SharePointü  Integrating the search engine of FASTü  Making business logicsü  Management of various activities and projects ü  Handling of business and workflowsü  Collaborating with social networking sitesü  Dashboards and all reporting regarding the business 


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