SimoneGibbsMr.LaneyBibleJanuary29, 2018Why PeopleShould Trust in God, Jesus and the BibleTrustingin God and His Word can be difficult. Believing in the Bible and God’sdependability requires faith with at least some measure of backing. God’s existence,the Bible’s accuracy, and Jesus’ credibility are all interconnected. If one elementproves to be wrong, then everything about the truth of Christianity is capable beingbrought down. Thankfully, all three have been solid in consistency. No matter howdifficult there is a certain safety in depending on God and His Word.

God’sexistence is capable of being proven by the actuality of the universe itselfand the certainty of the Scriptures in God creating it. Undeniably, theuniverse has an origin. Some believe in an evolutional stand point while othersbelieve in the Biblical point of view. Even with the vastly differentideologies, there is the common ground of established laws of science thatdictates that both sides agree on. Life can only be derived from a livingthing.  Evolution does not provide aliving origin whereas the Bible gives clear examples of a Creator.

“The livingGod, who made heaven and earth and sea and everything in them” (Acts 14:15) (NIV Standard Full Color Bible).God made it so that living things could only Thecredibility of the Scriptures is often up for debate, but key evidences areprominent throughout history. Many of the history that is mentioned within theBible has been proven to be accurate. For example, the Hittite nation wasconsidered nonexistent until an investigation in 1906 was conducted that led toa man named Hugo Winckler excavating Hattusa, which was the Hittite capital.With forty different authors and sixty-six books that all correlate, the Bibleproves itself ability to remain precise. Even the Dead Sea Scrolls are capableof connecting with the recognized canon books of the Bible. “The scrollsdiscovered at Qumran are dated about 100 B.C.

and turned out to benearly identical to the writings of the Old Testament that we have today” (Pinto). The Bible hasproven through careful examination and study that it is accurate and correct.    Demonstrating evidence of Jesusbeing the Son of God ties back into the accuracy of the Scriptures. The Biblementions the coming of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. Psalm 16:10 “Becauseyou will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let your Holy One see decay”(NIV Standard Full Color Bible). Jesus also provedHis sovereignty through the various miracles He performed in the New Testament.Raising Lazarus from the dead, feeding the 5,000, and healing the sick wereonly a few of the many miracles that Jesus accomplished in His lifetime.

“Thatevidence includes fulfilled prophecy and recorded miracles in which Jesus reversedthe laws of nature” (Peace With God). As long as theBible is proven to be a reliable source of information, Jesus being the Son ofGod can be completely believable. The evidenceof God, the integrity of Jesus, and the correctness of the Bible are often difficultto trust or prove. Through faith, which has at least some backing, people can holdtrue to the evidences provided to them by God. Humans have been granted with somesemblance of hope that their faith is not just blind and ignorant.

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