Sidewalk has been very useful especially for all pedestrians in the world because it helps them to walk from one place to another place without fear of getting hit by a vehicle. However, different things happened in Indonesia, sidewalks are used for other function that disturbing the comfort of the pedestrians.                Firstly, in Indonesia sidewalk mostly using as parking lots. If you come to big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya you can find some place that the sidewalk is converted as the parking lots. This certainly irritate the pedestrians because in other words they have to walk in the main street which is not safe for them. On the other hand, the existence of this parking lots can provide a temporary job opportunity for many jobless to be sudden parking attendants.

               The other function of the sidewalk in Indonesia is place to sell for street vendors. Often we see the street vendors selling on the sidewalk, this is because of the high cost to rent a place. Despite the eviction carried out by the authorities but there are some street vendors who keep selling because they have nowhere else to sell.

Therefore, the government must find a solution to this problem because not all street vendors are able to rent a place.               Finally, the worst function of sidewalk in Indonesia is as alternative way for motorcyclists to avoid jammed streets. Indonesia has known as country with the worst traffic congestion especially Jakarta and Surabaya, There is almost no empty space to move when there is traffic jam. This makes a lot of motorcyclists looking for ways to go through the overcrowded streets that is ride on the sidewalks. In fact, it has found some cases of accidents that cause pedestrians become victims.

Surely, this way is very dangerous especially for pedestrians.                In short, the problem about sidewalk in Indonesia that should be for pedestrian not functioned for anything else need to be resolved as soon as possible. It is unfortunate with a lot of population in Indonesia but so many people are lazy to walk because the sidewalks are not worth to use. It is expected that Indonesian people will prefer to walk and can use the sidewalk properly in the future.  


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