Sherrelle Lewis January 27, 2018 Documentaries are a category of moviesthat depict “non-fiction” events.

Documentaries enables viewers to witness unpredictableportrayals of randomly intersecting chain of events. The difference between othermovies and documentarians is that to create a documentary the events that arebeing portrayed have to be found or tell a truth, and as a result the audiencedoesn’t question its actuality. The connection between the events portrayed andtruth in documentary films is very important to this genre. Snow on Tha Bluffis a film in this genre.  The controversyon whether this movie is non-fiction or not has a lot to do with the intertwiningof the main story line and other raw elements filmed. This film follows thelife of an actual drug dealer named Snow and his retaliation on an enemy drugdealer, mention only as ‘white hat’.

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The film looks as if it is a self-madedocumentary. I do not doubt that there are some scripted scenes added toprovide a better story line. A lot of the film consist of contentthat viewers can’t tell is real and fake.

The film’s formula isn’t clear cut. Alot of the scenes can be compared to footage from crime shows. The film’s storyline consists of  fragmented pieces offootage, filmed between short periods of time. There are scenes in the filmthat appear that the director and the filming team are not around, that characterswere given the camera and they pass the camera back and forth to each otherwhile they rap, smoke, and drink into the camera. It is obvious there is nofilming crew. This filmdepicts an actual story and the director made edits, deciding what wasimportant to see and how it would be frame as factual. To account for “truths orevidence ” of the spatio-temporal events that were not able to be filmed, thedirector uses reenactment and enactment, which go unnoticed or unrecognized. Although,this arises the question or whether or not these reenactments make this filmfiction , I consider this film a documentary.

Although, documentaries are usually created by someonewho isn’t portrayed in the film or even share the same community. This createsa great distance or disconnect in the film. This film isn’t solving or an addressinga problem it is a documentary because it is exposing true events of the maincharacters daily life.  


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