The availability of basic shelter is critical in the life of mentally challenged persons. It is essential that this basic human need be availed to them because most of them are not in a position to provide it for themselves. The shelter should also be able to accommodate their shortcomings and protect them from discrimination by society.

The provision of shelter goes a long way in aiding in the mental, physical and most fundamentally psychological development. People that are mentally incapacitated are found to have difficulties in their personal hygiene. Personal hygiene has been identified as a huge factor in their discrimination in society. This discrimination significantly contributes to further damage in their mental and psychological status. This is as a result of feeling unwanted and uncared for in the environment that they inhabit. However, establishment of shelters for them will be critical in ensuring that their body hygiene is maintained at acceptable standards.

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In so doing, the discrimination along these lines will be a thing of the past making them develop normally. The day to day handling of daily events is significantly affected by mental instability. Routine habits are significantly upset in the life of the mentally challenged individual. The creation of a fixed program is, therefore, essential in helping them overcome this problem. The attainability of fixed program can be attained by setting up of shelters that are specifically designed for them. The shelters will facilitate the enactment of thus routines that will help them in the regaining of their mental stability. The workability of the set up program will also aid in the psychological development of the affected persons.

This is in the sense that programs being undertaken are repeated making them stick in one’s mind and being part of the system. The provision of shelter to the mentally handicapped is essential in instilling a sense of belonging into them. Psychologically, this is critical to the stability of the mind of such persons and its subsequent development.

It gives them a sense of identity and a point of association with the rest of the community. For the mentally challenged individuals, it will provide a place called home, which is extremely critical towards their perception of life and society as a whole. In addition to that, it gives them an identity which lessens the discrimination towards them by other members of the society. Under a controlled environment, in this case a shelter, this person’s ability to integrate into society is significantly increased. Their association with each other makes them to accept their condition in relation to the state of mind. The varying levels of deficiencies in the mind will go help them appreciate the conditions and work towards coming out of it.

The communal life in the shelter will make it easy for them to be taught the basic, acceptable values in society. The discrimination directed towards them basing on such grounds will, therefore, be to a large extent reduced. The establishment of shelters for the mentally challenged is essential in helping them improve and eventually overcome this state of mind. The shelters provide an almost perfect environment for the achievement of thus function. They give these persons a sense of belonging, in addition to providing them with, an opportunity to learn societal values and norms.

The acquisition of these kinds of education significantly helps in lowering of discrimination levels against them. The shelters are, therefore, critical to their mental and psychological state of mind.


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