An Ode to the West Wind is a verse form by Percy Bushy Shelley that shows the correspondence between the inner and the outer universe of the poet. It is among his celebrated verse forms.

The major subject of the verse form is the poet ‘s purpose to go a force that may convey the alteration and greening in adult male ‘s life. This subject is metaphorically shown by the greening of nature through the West air current as an agent. It is described through his first-class usage of imagination in it. One may analyze the excellence in the use of imagination through the manner it progresses from the beginning till the terminal. Poem commences with the imagination of the Earth, switching its attending to the air, so traveling towards the H2O, and eventually stoping at the fire. Therefore, air current affects all the four elements of the existence: Earth, air, fire and ocean.

My intent here is to place the progressive development of these four conceptual images which triggers the singular prowess of the ode and how all these images are conjured up in one thing-the poet-prophet figure.Before discoursing these four imaginations, it is necessary, at first, to discourse the symbol of the West wind itself. The West air current symbolizes a force, may be of the God or Christ like figure or of any powerful might that could dominant even the most powerful things-earth, air, fire, and H2O. Speaker wants to be both the West air current itself and the objects the West air current spreads.To measure, since West air current is a force that brings the alteration in the natural universe, poet wants himself to be that force so that he may convey some revolution among the world.Poet says:“ aˆ¦Be 1000, Spirit fierce,My spirit! Be thou me, hotheaded one! ”Besides, the manner West air current carries leaves, seeds, ashes and flickers, he wants himself and his ideas to be the objects to be spread.

If I were a dead foliage 1000 mightest bear ;If I were a fleet cloud to wing with thee ;A moving ridge to puff beneath thy power, and portionThe urge of thy strength, merely less freeThan 1000, O unmanageable!This alone technique of the construction of the imagination used makes the poem Shelley ‘s chef-d’oeuvre.At foremost, there comes the imagination of the Earth. The Earth is largely associated with the femininity-fertility, metempsychosis, and stableness. The juxtaposing of west air current blowing over the full Earth represents talker ‘s desire to animate and disperse his words. The major imaginations related to this subject are the ‘dead foliages ‘ and the ‘winged seeds ‘ . Both the dead foliages and the winged seeds together show the cyclicality of life on Earth. At the beginning, the power of west air current stirs the Earth by blowing its foliages.

They are shown to disperse in such a manner as if they are get awaying from an enchanter ‘like shades ‘ . This symbolizes talker ‘s in ability to command his emotions that carry his message of reform and revolution. Further, the foliages are non the simple foliages but the ‘dead foliages ‘ with different colourss like “ Yellow, and black, and picket, and feverish ruddy ” . This is a ocular imagination to elicit the animal look of these emotions in reader. Poet ‘s ideas are like the foliages with different political orientations, beliefs and, thoughts. The foliages are shown dead because poet ‘s ideas have become dead due to his turning age. By demoing this imagination the poet wants to state that his ideas excessively have become pale and dead and need some force that may deduce them like the foliages.After that this imagination of foliages evolves to the imagination of seeds the ‘winged seeds ‘ .

Since his ideas have become pale and feverish ruddy due to the turning age, he wants the metempsychosis of his emotions merely like the winged seeds. West wind workss seeds in the land during fall and when the spring comes the buds turn out of them. They are buried like a cadaver into the grave. His ideas have become the cadaver.

Now it is the clip of their birthrate. Therefore, we may observe Shelley ‘s accomplishment in demoing the birth, life, and decay of his ideas like the foliages that now need the metempsychosis like seeds.The verse form so progresses to the imagination of 2nd component the air.

The air is the beginning of communicating because it carries off ideas far off. The air current shows its power over the air, excessively. Due to the West wind air becomes more powerful which shakes the clouds. As a consequence the rain and lightening is produced.

They are the symbol of inspiration and creativeness. Even as they destroy, they encourage new life and hope every bit good. Thus, all these inside informations and descriptions of the imagination of air create a centripetal experience of poet ‘s inspiration for the creative activity of such a poesy that may travel far beyond his range and convey the alteration and revolution far and broad.Afterwards, poet describes the imagination of 3rd component the fire. The fire is normally the image of hopelessness, devastation and decease.

This is the ground most of the people interpret the verse form as the talker ‘s plaint over his inability to straight make people. However, it works as the refinisher every bit good. The fire is immediate in its action therefore represents action orientation.

There are merely three images related to the fire-hearth, ashes and flickers. Since fireplace is a governable fire, it might be the instance that the poet wanted West Wind or his emotions to be controlled non flying ‘like shades ‘ . Poet compares his ideas to the ashes and flickers of fireplace.Finally, the imagination evolves to the 4th component the H2O.

Water is associated with the ability to experience and intuition to cognize. He wants to be closely connected to west air current ‘s power over H2O every bit good. The West Wind awakens sea that itself is extremely violent. Sea has destroyed many great civilisations with its power. But still the west air current dominates it every bit good. It influences the H2O non merely at its surface degree but besides deep inside the sea.

Like west air current ‘s power over the deep see the talker requests his ideas to be found non superficially but deep in the Black Marias of people. Therefore, Shelley uses H2O as his primary beginning of poetic inspiration.In most of the civilizations, there is the 5th component as good which describes something which is beyond the material universe. Shelley employs this 5th component every bit good in his ode.

This 5th component for Shelley is the psyche, or the spirit of a poet-prophet figure here metaphorically described as the ‘West Wind ‘ . The West air current is the 5th component that dominates other four elements-earth, air, fire and H2O.Conclusively, Shelley shows the representation of natural power versus human power, natural mortality versus human mortality, natural freedom versus human freedom, and natural transmutation versus human transmutation. The poet ‘s intent of depicting such imagination is to demo, what Eliot calls, the ‘objective correlate ‘ , or ‘objective equality ‘ of his emotions.

It is through the powers of west air current that he is capable of depicting the emotions in a more pictural signifier.


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