Shaymaa Algaithi Ms. GayeArabic 1A12/11/17Gaza Surf Club In the movie Gaza Surf Club, we learned about few people of Gaza and their wish to surf, one of them is Ibrahim. Ibrahim is a man who is in his twenties, who works two jobs, but would like to surf and make surfboards in Gaza. But in Gaza, the materials are very hard to find there. He also wishes to travel to the U.S to achieve his dreams and experience a free life. We then have Sabah, who is only 15, who has a very different situation. When she was younger, her father, taught her to surf, and it was one of her favorite things to do. But Hamas, the Palestine rulers, who put out laws on what she can or can’t do; we also get a story of Mohammed, who is 40 years old, who also wants to leave Gaza one day. He meets Sabah, who starts explain to him that she avoids the beach because of religious criticism. With her father agreeing for her to practice surfing, she practices from their boat, fully covered. But she explains how wearing a scarf around her head makes her feel uncombable in the water, and when she’s underwater, it would cause her to choke. Sometimes, people who looked at her while she’s swimming, would come and yell at her, if she doesn’t wear it; In the film, these people have dreams and ambitions they want to achieve but the rules and hardship in Gaza, puts many people in frustration and pressure, that only leaves them down. Later on in the movie, Ibrahim luckily gets good news that his visa application is accepted and he will obtain it. He travels to Hawaii, the culture shock to him is unbelievable, but he settles down. After arriving in Hawaii, he’s not sure if he will go back to Gaza. His original plan was to get trained in Hawaii, which will make him eligible to create a surf club back home in Gaza; I really liked the story of Ibrahim because he is so determined to accomplish his dreams and he is willing to work extremely hard to earn it. In conclusion, Gaza Surf Club shows how the people of Gaza, young or old, are striving to earn a new life and it shows us how politics play a huge role in everyday lives of the people of Palestine. It goes into further detail, showing us how many people suffer from it, especially the younger generation. The movie also gives you an insight of how Hamas control Palestine even do the smallest detail, not letting people reach the goals because of their view on what Islam should be. It was a very beautiful movie and I wish we could have learned even more about the people and their stories, in the film.


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