Shamsudin et al., (2017) said that WMSDsis an occupational health issue which is actively being discussed over theworld. He further described that in Malaysia, there is a trend of increasingover the years, particularly in the manufacturing sector (Shamsudin et al.

,2017). Social SecurityOrganization (SOCSO) Malaysia reported that WMSDs have increased from 15 to 161cases from 2006 to 2009 and to 268 cases in 2011 and the most significantindustry is manufacturing (SOCSO, 2011). Moreover, according to TheDepartment of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia, occupationalaccidents for the category of death until August 2010, highest being by theconstruction industry with 51%, followed by the manufacturing industry with45%, agriculture with 26% and transportation with 10% (Rahman et al., 2012).Bao et al., (2000) wrote that WMSDs are a majorconcern of workers, unions, employers, and governmental organizations in manyindustrialized countries due to the high prevalence and extensive costsassociated with these disorders. Also, ina review of loss-based data made in 1993, ergonomic-related injuries are thesingle greatest source of lost-time in the workplace and these injuries accountfor between 33% and 40% of total worker compensation spending (Shamsudin etal.

, 2017). Aziz et al., (2014) stated that thefinancial implication of the problem is enormous as countries are spending tensin billions of dollars on claims associated with the problem. Not only that,WMSDs also results in low worker productivity (Xu et al.

, 2012), causingapproximately 34% of the annual lost time (Ontario Ministry of Labour, 2009).This is because workers are not only more likely to be injured due to WMSDs,but they also tend to slow down at work (Resnick and Zanotti, 1997). Hence,many organizations and governments have put in place numerous programs toalleviate the effect of WMSDs among their workforce. Thus, it is essential that the prevalenceof WMSDs is investigated in order to better understand the situationspecifically in the plastic manufacturing industry so that companies canimprove their ergonomic practices whilst being proactive in avoiding anyunnecessary costs due to WMSDs.


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